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Everything posted by madmax

  1. madmax

    cold as hell

    I've just played Cold as Hell Special Edition.... i have found 8 acsses cods but i can't find the 9th one can someone help me please
  2. madmax


    you should do the Doom 64 TC monster sprits in Hi-REZ along with the weapon sprits that would be so cool. ttyl Mad Max
  3. what happend to wads in progress page. dose it have a new homepage or what cuse I tryed to use the old URL but it comes up with 404 pagew error so If anyone know the new URl for wads in progress it will be greatly apereshiated sory for the mis spelling
  4. madmax

    Project Dark Zone

    I really like the level shots of you new Zdoom/Skulltag map. I'm just wondering how many levels are you going to make. why don't you add some new weapons or are you going to use the ones in SkullTag so anywhy it looks good keep up the good work
  5. madmax

    [KDiZD] Community Information Thread

    So Tormentor667 When will KDIZD be out and ready for download. this is like the samething what 3drealms are doing with Duke nukem forever they say "WHEN ITS DONE" ya right you say it will be done then all of a suden its not that really pizz me OFF sorry for the inplessintness about my post but that dose make me mad
  6. madmax

    [KDiZD] Community Information Thread

    are you guys sure or are you guys just pulling my lag
  7. madmax

    [KDiZD] Community Information Thread

    Hi everybody when will KDIZD be out for download
  8. Hi Its MaDMaX here its great to see you Guys are taking Artic wolf a Doom 2 sennario and redoing it with ZDoom. it would be cool if you Guys could incorperat an intro and cutscens and a objective window so you can see you objectives like in Cold As Hell and adding snow falling to that would be Cool and animated skys so anywhy thats all I'm going to say for now I as waiting for someone to do this for a long time so keep up the goood work Guys
  9. madmax

    Arctic Wolf remake project

    Hi MaDMaX here I'm really going to injoy play this Artic wolf remake just like I injoyed play Cold As Hell so heres some stuff that could be add in when making the Artic wolf remake animated skyboxs an intro and cutscennse an objetive window so you can see your objectivs like in Cold As Hell fog & falling snow alot more frity of nazis and a evil easy to kill boss and really cool music to go along with the maps so anywhy these are my feacher requseits i hope you guys don't mind!!!!!!
  10. Hi everybody I looking for a good weapons mod for Doom 3 I need one that increeses the weapons speeds and also give the weapons a biger clip size (E.g gives the shotgun 16 in a clip) so if anybody in this Forum can tell me wich one dose this please fell free to E-mail me at fsa_grunt@hotmail.com
  11. madmax

    good weapons mod for doom 3. where can i find it

    Hay Amaster can you do this scipt and def for the weapons for me cuse I tryed doing it Myself but it din't work cuse I'm a newbie
  12. madmax

    good weapons mod for doom 3. where can i find it

    how low should i make the shotgun firerate so that it fires really fast and all the other weapons to becuse i tride all kind of diforent firerate numbers for the shotgun and all the others be the weapons firerate seems to fire slow and it tride to edit the firerate for the shotgun to about 0.001 but it fires like nothing happend
  13. madmax

    good weapons mod for doom 3. where can i find it

    I don't know the name of it
  14. madmax

    [KDiZD] Community Information Thread

    when will KDIZD be out for download. or has it bin canseled
  15. OK I've got a qeution how do I get all the monsters to not disapear someone please help me
  16. well i set the burnaway time for most of the monsters to "9999" but some of the monsteres like the chaingun sarjent and the commander with the tung thing for an arm these ar the only two monsters that i can't get to stay so if anyone can help with this help is greatly apereshiated
  17. madmax

    New level: Kappa Base

    get a faster server man
  18. has anybody here have had probles with the ZXDoom engine cuse i would really like to know but heres promlem when i try to play with the ZXdoom engine it says the it can't find the language.lmp or something so if anybody here know how to fix this please help
  19. madmax

    Doomsday 1.9 beta-1

    I downloaded the new version of Doomsday but i can't seem to get the the models to work
  20. madmax

    Newbe at makeing mods for Doom 3

    Well anywhy I got this ungibbubul mod from a site (can't rememmber which one) all I did was rase the brunaway time to "9999" and yes i'am making it for personal use but I'm just wondering how to add flashlights to all the weapons in Doom 3 and aspeshaly the Doom 3 mission pack (super shotgun) but i don't know where to put the line of code so all the weapons have flashlights inclooding the super shotgun P.S so can you help me on that
  21. madmax

    Newbe at makeing mods for Doom 3

    Hi I'm making a mod for Doom 3. i"m adding stuff from difforent mods like ungibbebul mod,and this uther mod that changs the clip size for the weapons and the rate of fire (CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT THE MOD WAS CALLED) SO i'm just wondering if someone could take my mod and add some more stuff to it like flashlights on all the weapons in Doom 3 and in the mission pack for Doom 3 too so anywhy heres my E-mail if someone could do this for me fsa_grunt@hotmail.com P.S (please help me) send me an e-mail saying that you'll do this and then i'll send you my mod onch you done with it send it back to me and i'll menchon that you worked on it "I'm not the type of person how will take credit for something that was added to the mod that i didn't add"
  22. madmax

    NDIZD stuff

    HAy guys at Doomworld. is there any word on NDIZD PC for Zdoom cused i just wondering if there still working on it
  23. Hi, I was wondering when KDIZD will be out for download.
  24. madmax


    Hi I was just wondering when the full version of QDoom will be out. or is it dead and gone if your wondering what QDoom is. its a edge mod that creates Quake 1 on the Doom engine
  25. madmax

    someone help! please! need EDGE info.

    Hay corrupt_marine you can also make a shortcut from the edge app and it should be like this "C:\Documents and Settings\Devin\My Documents\New Folder\Edge 1.29\gledge32.exe" -file xxx.wad where x is the name of the wad file i hope this helps