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  1. EGGG....EHHHH....NOT...AGAIN.... YOU FORGOT.....BYRON....AGAIN!!!!! [/complain]
  2. I wish I could get a hissy cacodemon. Make some and marker them doomworld! Damnit! I will be gone for 2 days.
  3. Ah well. I'll just mod it. It's cheaper in the long run.
  4. Now for my next weapon mod, I want to use only 4 weapons (rifle W/three round birst alt fire, shotgun, machine gun W/ grenade laucher alt fire, and fist with kick alt fire [different boot]) Now the question is, I have no idea what to make the shotgun have for an alt fire, anyone got ideas for the shotgun alt fire?
  5. And you call Xaser a failure!? HOW DARE YOU!
  6. Not in the mood for coffee. I want something sweet. (and yes, I do know of "putting in the sugar", but I don't want sugar coffee now)
  7. Well shit. We just ran out of milk right now. Guess we need to get some, but it's 12:22. Any other recipies?
  8. Do you guys know any good non alchaholic, non soda drink recipies? I'm really fucking thursty, and I refuse to drink from the tap.
  9. Plenty of level reviews. Review a non level please.
  10. Hmm, I can do a few voices. And I have a mike.
  11. Oh damn, I thought it was gonna be a good gun.
  12. Let us see it first please!
  13. Cyclone from perfect dark. Guns from PD transition pretty well into the doom palette. AND NO AA! (yes nmn, it's a rip, but I edited it.)
  14. I think the hand goes on the crappy handle. WIth some touching up and more frames, it could look pretty sweet. And tomentor, don't be so mean to him unless it's another stupid attempt to anger the KDizd team.
  15. MAKE...S.Q.W.I.R.E.L. 2.... weapons.....weapons good.....weapons good...