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  1. Ixnatifual

    A Second New Romero Map: E1M4B

    Neat little map. Here are my thoughts. - Good use of monsters attacking you from above or below. - Some areas were too cramped. - Honest ambushes for the most part, although maybe a little overused. The great ambush near the end probably has to many shotgunners. I had the Soulsphere when I faced it, so I was alright. But it may be too unfair for players who did not pick up the Soulsphere beforehand. - I like the look of the COMPWALL area and its use of lighting. - The Imp appearing in your face just as you picked up the Rocket Launcher was a nice touch. - I would drop the inescapable slime pits. The way they were made had me going into them to search for secrets. - The architecture of the outskirts of the map looked very nice, like the overhanged walls and tiered slime steps.
  2. Ixnatifual

    Who's buying this for $60?

    Most stores or sites you can find has the game cheaper than Steam, I think? I generally never buy on Steam anymore outside of their sales.
  3. Ixnatifual

    Romero Makes New Map, World Rejoices

    I loaded it up on HMP and got killed early on, partly due to not knowing the cracks in the ground could kill me. I restarted on HNTR and beat the starting area only to find myself drowning in medkits. So I reloaded on HMP, was careful around the cracks and beat the level. I thought it was fun, but felt too cramped and random in places. The portal area by the end looked pretty cool, although the boss battle felt easier than that initial battle at the start. It didn't really feel like a boss fight, though. Perhaps because the approach to that area was pretty instantaneous. Indoor areas looked alright, but the outdoor areas looked too simple. The dark lift area with a brightly lit box of rockets was scary in a way I liked. An okay level, but nothing special. But as he says in the text file, he's just warming up.
  4. Ixnatifual

    Full body armor sucks

    From what I've seen of the Doom 4 suit it looks great, but we've not even had a full look at it yet.
  5. Ixnatifual

    Console game?

    Single player might be okay, but it does look like the multiplayer is going to very much be suffering from consolitis.
  6. Ixnatifual

    The Great Immersion Debate

    I think cutscenes and cinematics would be fine in-between the levels. That way they don't interrupt the gameplay.
  7. Ixnatifual

    Yahtzee judges Doom by its cover

    Never pull those punches. :)
  8. Ixnatifual


    I'm OK with unlocks, classes and that stuff for the multiplayer part. Depending on modes these may be more or less relevant. Or Revenant.
  9. Ixnatifual


    I agree it looks a little slow, but probably is fast enough. Looks fun.
  10. Ixnatifual

    Glowing enemy near death??

    I don't like it either. I would prefer a staggered animation to indicate the monster's vulnerability to being glory killed.
  11. Ixnatifual

    Built-in Deathmatch maps?

    I would be surprised if there weren't several DM maps in the game. And with Snapmap there will probably be many custom DM maps.
  12. Ixnatifual

    Multiplayer models

    The Doomguy's gear certainly looks much better in the single player part. Maybe they had reduced fidelity for multiplayer armor to boost performance? Or maybe it's to discern between teams more easily. Or maybe you can just choose between a variety of looks. So if you like looking less badass and more fragile, you can pick the weak-looking armour instead of the standard awesome Doomguy armour.
  13. Ixnatifual

    Things Doom 4 is doing right

    Generally I find there's usually cover in a map where there are many hitscan enemies, but other options are to shoot them first priority and using other monsters as cover.
  14. Ixnatifual

    DOOM 4 and Perks

    I don't think you should pull the player away from the gameplay and make him sit at screen where he has to choose and investigate things.
  15. Ixnatifual

    Things Doom 4 is doing right

    There are appropriate animations for the shotguns, although the Doomguy doesn't lift the regular shotgun up before pumping. Just look at the gameplay footage.