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  1. Chaingunner

    JDRP causes my jdoom to crash

    Thanks very much m8 Ive changed the memory allocated to 256mb like you said , and I've played 4 levels with no probs whatsoever. Looks like that was it Thanks very much again , I can play with 3d models now
  2. Chaingunner

    JDRP causes my jdoom to crash

    Hi I just found this site and I come looking for help...... Whenever I enable the resourse pack in Kickstart. After a while of playing I get an error message box thing... it says... "Doomsday.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close , we are sorry .......bla bla bla...... So I exit back to windows , and my resolution has been set to 1280 - 1024 and my monitor refresh rate knocked down to 60htz It runs perfectly without the models enabled , yet as soon as I try to play with the jdrp enabled , you can bet I'll get the error message before too long.. My system is.. P4 1.9 GHZ 768 MB PC133 ram G-force 4 TI 4600 When I do try to play using the jdrp , it's not like it runs poor , far from it its smooth as silk (1280-1024 and 32bit colour) Just after a while it freezez and i get my error box. The same whether ultimatedoom doom2 or finaldoom Can anyone help me out , as I want to play for hours and hours on end WITH the resourse pack........... thanks