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  1. zombieribcage

    Doom 3 can be annoying

    sidestepping right is usually also pretty effective.
  2. eh, i mean, its of course not an OMG AWESOME idea, but i think i'm going to try it in timesplitters 3. i don't know how many(if any) of you are familar with this game... ill use the berzerker splitter for imps, and of course use the zombies. i'm not sure what else i'll use. i was considering the shoal for a cacodemon, but only if the shoal's ridiculousness can be hidden by darkness. so anyone out there have thoughts on this? or actually tried it? and if this isn't exactly the right forum for this thread, my apologies. i wasn't quite sure where to put it.
  3. zombieribcage

    Doom 3. scary?

    im in the middle of playing it on xbox right now. im just after you do the first teleportation jump in delta labs. for a while in the beginning i was getting spooked a lot, but yeah i got used to it. i still think it's great though. even if i'm not getting spooked so much, ive still got that lingering creepy feeling whenever i play. and i also feel like it keeps getting better and better and better. i still keep getting shocked and awed. blah blah blah.
  4. zombieribcage

    Crappiest games to review

    didnt the comedy band threebrain do it originally?
  5. zombieribcage

    Who plays xbox doom?

    i do. why?
  6. zombieribcage

    Land of the Dead (spoilers)

    i liked it. didn't LOVE it, but i thought it was pretty good. and compared to the DAWN remake it is a beautiful masterpiece of a zombie movie, but i'd say that for pretty much any zombie movie compared to the dawn remake.
  7. zombieribcage

    A weird looking sex offender.

    my friend did a search for sex offenders near his house and the first guy on the list looked almost EXACTLY like me. fortunately, he was several inches shorter and several pounds heavier, so i was able to assure him that it was not me.
  8. zombieribcage

    film geeks: beatles and their songs in films?

    does he really own all of them? i'd heard that it was just nearly all of them.
  9. zombieribcage

    Blunderbust (Star Wars branch)

    shameless! =)
  10. zombieribcage

    School shooting

    what's sad is that i've heard more about this than about the school shooting
  11. zombieribcage

    check this ebay item... (not sure if old)

    i heard about that one. i'd love to have a haunted nes.
  12. zombieribcage

    totaly evil and somewhat doom

    "The red-ear slider turtle named Lucky is the only survivor of about 150 animals." that made me sad. i feel like such a little bitch.
  13. zombieribcage

    Doom Movie picture

    the only part of that interview that gave me any hope was the bit about the monsters not being CGI. too bad everything else looks/sounds like it's gonna be totally disgusting. rape.
  14. zombieribcage

    Teen horror writer arrested as terrorist

    courtesy of allthingszombie.com http://www.winchestersun.com/articles/2005/02/24/local_news/news01.txt apparently the zombie story was only the tip of the iceberg.
  15. zombieribcage

    Is this the longest sentence you ever saw?

    my dad wrote something like that about a fly getting eaten or something like that...it was a contest for telling a long story in a single sentence. it was about that long. it was also better because it didn't get cheap and start linking everything with "just because". also, the best long sentences ive ever read were ones written by Kafka. when i was reading a lot of stuff by him, i started writing like him for a lot of school assignments. probably irritated the hell out of my teachers.