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  1. Don Incognito

    Somemore Skulltag ideas

    Here's my wish, which never made it to the original thread: 1. HOW ABOUT RELEASING IT? Thank you. LUCKY! ^______________^
  2. Don Incognito


    It's just as stupid as that Classic Deathmatch mod for Half Life Valve made me download in their newest "patch".
  3. Don Incognito

    Another Doom GBA Interview

    Doom GBA is based on Jaguar Doom code. Sounds to me like they'll be spider and goat legged sweetness to me seeing as how they just used the code. I didn't read the actual interview though.
  4. Don Incognito


    Only on sundays
  5. Don Incognito


    I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. You'd think someone with a name like Nightmare would have a bit more balls eh? I was only jokin'.
  6. Don Incognito

    Welcome return of VILE

    Can I join? I'm hip, I'm cool.
  7. Don Incognito


    I think I hit the coffee a bit too hard.
  8. Don Incognito


  9. Don Incognito


    WOW! A new wad that isn't a SLOPE FEST! This one looks good
  10. Don Incognito

    TC's based off movies

    You sir have not played the Star Wars Episode One RACING GAME!!!!1
  11. Don Incognito

    Wad Author Time Limited?

    Umm.. doesn't the maker of this program read these forums?
  12. Don Incognito

    doom's bad new flavor!

    HEY! I'll sell your dog to a Chinese restaurant! Too bad I don't have a dog! Stop trying to be my friend.
  13. Don Incognito

    doom's bad new flavor!

    Oh come on, Hitler was a sensitive man too!
  14. Don Incognito

    Hi Ling

    Oh Stphrz, YOU SOOO CRA-ZAAA!!!!
  15. Don Incognito

    NEW DOOM TOPIC (probably not but....)

    Lust towards evil imps!