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  1. Butcher

    Genitals of doom monsters?

    wow! looks like a cyberdemon just got trough with it mate! **
  2. Butcher

    colors changed after exiting doom 3

    I think your computer is going into safe mode mate.
  3. Butcher

    my awsome fanfic

    I introduce to you....LSD Demons... http://www.geocities.com/the_butcher20122012/DoomStory.txt Enjoy...
  4. Butcher

    Genitals of doom monsters?

    Is it just me or is the pain elemental spicy foxes!!
  5. Butcher

    How do I load rom files with EDGE? :)

    Thanks for the recommendation, but again, it DID NOT WORK! :( I added doom 2 as the IWAD, EDGE32.exe etc etc as the source port. and 666hell as the addon. When I tried to launch it, this came up. IdentifyVersion: Unable to add specified ""C:\DOOM\DOOM2.wad".wad" thats "EXACTLY" what it said. it even suggested taking out the spaces in the path, so I moved it from program files to it's own file in the C drive so the path file name didn't have spaces, and it still didn't work. :( This is never going to end for me. but I will not give up! :)
  6. Butcher

    How do I load rom files with EDGE? :)

    I took the recommendation someone gave me from another topic and that was to drag the wad file into the Edge32.exe file. I did that an this came up, IdentifyVersion: NO IWADS FOUND! But everytime I double click it regulary it runs fine.
  7. Butcher

    How do I load rom files with EDGE? :)

    How do I creat bat files? I'm running on windows XP.
  8. Butcher

    How do I load rom files with EDGE? :)

    I want to load 666hell.wad It is the one that I found at the top of the main page. It isn't a pwad file though. :( I have no idea what I"m doing. someone please help me I'm getting very disperate to play this wad. I've been trying all day. :(
  9. thanks. I've put doomII as the iwad, Edge as the port, and the hell666 wad as the add on. but still, the level does not appeare when I paly. >_> It did with legacy, but I could not get passed the second room because of things that need edge, like the new bosses and stuff.
  10. Butcher

    How do I load rom files with EDGE? :)

    Sorry for doing that, can someone answer my quesiton though? I really want to play this wad. :(
  11. Butcher

    How do I load rom files with EDGE? :)

    I meant wad files! :D
  12. tell me how to load wad files with edge!! so i can be happy and go wiiiii!!! :)
  13. Sorry for doing so, it's just that when I made the first topic, it was in the wrong board, so I made another one here to fit the board. And then the mods moved the other one I made here. Sorry again. one more thing, I have downloaded it from another server. how do I play wads in it? There is no launcher for it or anything. I am a complete noob to this stuff and I just want to play that hell666 wad already! :(
  14. I really want to play that hell666 wad that is on the front page, But I cannot use it because I have no got the edge source port. and everytime I try to download it it says the zip file is corrupt. can someone tell me another place to get it? :(