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  1. Scrum

    Skulltag v0.95h Manual

    It would be awesome if the link actually WORKED. I'm desperate for some documentation and commands but I can't find it anywhere.
  2. Scrum

    Level Packs?

    You guys have been really helpful to this new doomer, this is exactly the kind of attitude we need to encourage new people to get involved :)
  3. Scrum

    "Exquisite corpse" community WAD

    I think that's exactly what everyone was going for :) The harder it is to tell the transition the closer we got to Ling's goal.
  4. Scrum

    Finished my map: SC_WASTE

    Yeah I agree with you, those floors are pretty ugly. How do I do the infinite sky trick by the way?
  5. Scrum

    "Exquisite corpse" community WAD

    I cant wait to see this :D
  6. Scrum

    "Exquisite corpse" community WAD

    Work your mental breakdown into your map, I bet it'll look pretty sweet.
  7. Scrum

    "Exquisite corpse" community WAD

    Ok, I'm almost done my part. I just have to add baddies, items and tweaks. Edit: Alright I'm finished.
  8. Scrum

    "Exquisite corpse" community WAD

    Edited for pointlessness. - Scrum
  9. Scrum

    "Exquisite corpse" community WAD

    I'm game :)
  10. Scrum

    Finished my map: SC_WASTE

    Tell me what you guys think: http://www.freewebs.com/scrum/sc_waste.zip Any suggestions, comments and complaints appreciated :)
  11. Scrum


    Those tests are BS Last time I took one of them I scored 160. Then I proceeded to laugh uncontrolably due to the fact that I'm dumb as mud.
  12. Scrum

    My motherboard is fried

    Yay, you have a new coffee coaster to add to the collection!
  13. Scrum

    Nobody gives a fuck

    I better be able to chew through Pokemon though
  14. Scrum


    Nice, he gets a custom title off the bat =P Welcome to the forums bro
  15. Scrum


    Great game, would be awesome if they ported it to PC