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  1. Dodge

    DOOM 3 Soundtrack

    I'm sorry...am I supposed to shit my pants in fear?
  2. Dodge

    Pics From Some Movie

    I'm pretty sure I speak for many people on this forum as well as myself that I'm about 5 seconds from yelling "SHUT UUUUUUUUPPPP!!!!!" at you the way Arnold did to the kids in "Kindergarten Cop". And for some reason the computer I'm on freezes IE when I try to click the link to the pictures. Damn library computers...
  3. Dodge

    The death of freedom and justice in the US

    1) The Internet IS part of the media. 2) As much as I know what you mean, you're not making yourself look any better than the people you're talking about, so why bother? Just live and let live for Christ's sake.
  4. Dodge

    DOOM 3 Soundtrack

    1) Questions end in question marks, not periods you twat. 2) You already did...when you bought the game. Now go figure.
  5. I thought it stood for Stuff Posing As Meat...
  6. Dodge

    Which hell do you like more?

    Couldn't have said it better myself ;)
  7. Dodge

    Doom novel based on the movie

    Look, I browse these forums daily, and the first post in this thread said it was posted on the 18th. I would've noticed it then. But I digress.
  8. Dodge

    Doom novel based on the movie

    I said in an earlier thread that I'd bring this up when I found out more information on it. Well, here's the scoop so far, and I'm surprised nobody else has brought it up yet. Jumping on the bandwagon, the DOOM movie will have a novelization released on September 27, just under a month before the release of the movie. Its author is John Shirley, also the author of the Constantine movie tie-in novel. It will be 320 pages total, longer in number of pages than any of the previous DOOM novels based on the first games. The cover shown isn't very impressive, just a solid back background with the DOOM 3 logo sans the 3 and in white block lettering above it a caption saying "Now a major motion picture from Universal Pictures". Information can be viewed here: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/141650995X/ref=wl_it_dp/102-7362698-0266510?%5Fencoding=UTF8&coliid=IA97YP1WKGEX9&v=glance&colid=24SMI4S5EK0O6 What are you thoughts on this? Are those of you skeptical about the movie going to want to check this out first and save a couple of bucks on buying a movie ticket and possibly seeing some shots from the movie itself? I'm not expecting this to be a Pullitzer Prize winner or anything like that, just something fun to read when I have time to kill. And, hell, it's got DOOM on the cover! For the record, I'll be doing both: reading the book first and then seeing the movie regardless of how it is. Discuss.
  9. Dodge

    The death of freedom and justice in the US

    I'll just put it simply; the end of the USA as we know it will be coming within our lifetime. Nothing lasts forever, you know.
  10. Dodge

    Willy Wonka Willy Wonka!

    My stepmom said it best; when you go see a movie based on or inspired by a book, don't go to it hoping it'll stay as true to the book as possible, just hope for a good movie. Hell, I loved I, Robot, and it has very little to do with the book other than the names of a few of the characters.
  11. Dodge

    MD Utility needs to DIE

    I thought MD players were a short-lived enterprise...
  12. Dodge

    The death of freedom and justice in the US

    So I guess this forum is a figment of our imagination in that case? ;)
  13. Dodge

    Extreme metal and Doom

    Strange that I don't listen to or watch either yet still think extreme metal qualifies about as much as "music" as George W. Bush is a gay rights activist. Refer to my post in the thread about GWAR saying they made levels for Doom 2 to see what I mean.
  14. Dodge

    It Is On Mars!

    But I hear he IS doing a Castle Wolfenstein movie...
  15. Dodge

    Doom books re-issued

    If you click "larger picture", it does ;)