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  1. Re: OP This could explain why my driving skills haven't been quite as sharp as they used to be. I haven't been playing nearly enough Doom! (edit: yes I'm still driving. Yes I'm still alive). (erm, signed in on my friend's account; this is hellbent).
  2. JosephK

    Breaking Bad discussion

    Did he really quit, tho? I didn't even register as a possible idea to even consider or enter my brain. The only thing I was trying to read in that scene is if Skyler believed him or not. It didn't even cross my mind he might be telling the truth, but from what I've read online most pundits seem to be taking it at face value. (But, why? The show needs the megalomaniac to go full-force, and his empire has just started, why would he suddenly quit? And why are people really considering this? I am teh confused. EDIT: Logged in under my friend's account, this is your forum bellend here.
  3. JosephK

    Help Wanted...

    Hey, one of my favorites! But, I'm not interested in a custom wad nor in facilitating cheating. When's the assignment due? I suggest you get off Doomworld and start reading. It's an important book, and it'll do you good to have read it - *many* modern cultural works owe a debt to Homer. Or you could buy the Cliff's Notes. But you should read it.