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  1. Thank you very much for your feedback! Mr. Chris, former humans are maybe too strong, but I thought that the zombies in RE series take also very much hit before they die. :) And that was my purpose, to as faithful as possible to the RE series. I'm not planning to continue development of this mod anymore, because I'm so busy nowadays. :( So the status is and always will be just a technical demo.
  2. Sinfis

    Omfg Sign of Evil Remix MP3 is GODLY

    Ugh, intruments sound horrible. So "midish". :D
  3. Yeah, I know. :/ I'll try to fix that.
  4. Hi everybody! Survival Doom is a mod for GZDoom. The traditional FPS, that we all know, has been changed into 3rd person shooter with prerendered backgrounds and static camera angles, just like in the famous survival horror game Resident Evil. After a very long pause with development of the mod I realized that I'm never gonna get this mod finished as I planned - the whole Hangar level with real RE style puzzles. I simply didn't have time to develop the mod anymore, and I'm sorry about that! But because of the many positive comments I got earlier, I finally decided to put out the mod as a technical demo so the other Doom modders can use it for learning and take elements from it and maybe even develop it further. :) Backgrounds have been modeled, textured and rendered with 3ds Max & mental ray, and characters have been modeled, textured and animated with 3ds Max & Biped. The mod contains the first room of Hangar and couple of zombies in it. There are also some spots where you can get info by "using" them. FEATURES: - Resident Evil style gameplay (prerendered detailed background images and static camera angles which will change with player's movement). - Player can really carry different kind of weapons (instead of just that generic rifle) - Fully animated 3d-models for player and one type of a zombie. - Player is able to aim with the laser sight, holding down the altfire button. - Inventory system that allows player to reload weapon manually when the magazine is empty (thanks to Wildweasel!). - Synchronized dynamic lighting with 3d models and background images. - New HUD with RE style EKG. Gameplay video: http://youtu.be/OM9pgNyaJGg DOWNLOAD THE MOD HERE: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2158168/survivaldoom_techdemo.zip I'll publish soon some wip renderings of other Hangar rooms so you can see what I was about create for the mod but never got it finished. Questions, comments, criticism and suggestions are very welcome and I hope you like what I've done!
  5. Sinfis

    Best Monster Infighting levels?

    I would say that legendary battle between the Cyberdemon and N amount of Baron of Hells in the level Tricks and Traps.
  6. My dad brought me a game collection cd for Win 95 about 15 years ago. It was a huge space station, where you were able to walk around in first person. There was also a game hall, which has many demos of games of that era and one of them was Knee Deep in the Dead. It totally got me hooked. :D
  7. When modding ZDoom, DECORATE-lump is your friend. :) The ZDoom wiki will also help you a lot, there is all information you'll need to do those things.
  8. Sinfis

    Doom maps with creepy-as-hell atmos

    All of Action Doom? Gimme a break. :) Ghoul's Forests definitely, eww...
  9. Sinfis

    Doom Tattoo

    I have a small IDDQD in my right arm with this font: http://www.dafont.com/doom.font. People always have two reactions when they see it. Either they don't know what does it mean, or they laugh and say "Hey, that's cool!" :D
  10. Sinfis

    floor stuff

    How am I able to align floor textures in ZDoom then? That would be an awesome feature.
  11. Sinfis

    Editing the mugshot in Zdoom

    Of course I already know how to change the graphics of the mugshot, but what I meant was how to change the behaviour of the mugshot, for example, editing the animation not to pick up the "looking around" -frames randomly but looking from left to right.
  12. I want to edit the Doomguy's mugshot in ZDoom. I made a SBARINFO-lump and pasted the default statusbar and the mugshot code in it from http://zdoom.org/wiki/Default_Status_Bars. When I'm trying to play the wad, it gives me an error bad syntax where the mugshot code begins. I tried to add "global int 1:MyVar;" into the lump, like told http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17436. I am able to play the wad now, but the statusbar is not visible at all. What am I doing wrong or haven't done yet to get it work?
  13. Sinfis

    Doom Strategies

    If you have more health than 80 %, don't pick up medikits, which'll give 25 %, because you can't get every percent of health that the medikit would give to you. Same thing is with ammo too. And, if there's a megasphere and some health and armor bonuses, don't pickup everything, just the megasphere.
  14. Sinfis

    The Hangar

    I've been always thinking that the Hangar actually is a hangar: The starting room is a terminal, the place where the green armor is and the room where the first zombies are is airfield control rooms and the landing zone are the big exterior where you can find the blue armor.