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  1. MasterShazbot

    Zen Dynamics

    I've been reading a ton of info about this (mod? TC?), and I'm trying to find it. I can't find it with Doomworld, Doomworld forum search, Zdoom forum search, or any other search engines. Can anybody help?
  2. MasterShazbot

    Axis & Abaddon Review

    Axis & Abaddon review By MasterShazbot (2nd WW review) WildWeasel's new weapon mod is, overall, pretty good. Damage – & – Ammo balance 5/5 New enemies 4/5 New Sounds 4.5/5 New GFX 4.5/5 Gameplay 5/5 Score 4.75/5 The Damage – & – Ammo balancing is great. No problems here. The new enemies are great. They go with the general setting of the weaponry, but I would like to see this pack extended (A&A MK2) that changes all enemies (or adds new ones) that all have a WW2 theme. Bigger monsters could always be made into vehicles (Caco's into German fighter planes, etc). The new sounds are good. The MG42 has a bug (get too close to something and fire, and the sound will not play). One thing that bugs me is using normal human voices for the Nazi soldiers. These voices do not fit the atmosphere of doom very well. Zombie Nazi’s would have sounded better, unless you want to make the whole thing WW2-themed. The graphics are good. Some of the weapons look low in detail, but then again, this is doom. One cannot expect the best of the best with sprites. If they can be sharpened up a bit, they would look better. The Nazi graphics are nice. I suggest sharpening the Nazi skins and making their weapons bigger for more detail. Gameplay is great. These new weapons will not leave you cannon fodder, nor will they hose the enemies down with no skill. Excellent mod WildWeasel, I liked it. I’d like to see an add-on to this one too. -MasterShazbot
  3. MasterShazbot

    simple weapon mod request

    I would like someone to make a weapons mod using the current ordinary doom weapons. This mod is supposed to be compatible with Doom and Doom II. This mod shouldn’t be too hard to make. I’d do it myself, but I don’t understand how to edit Doom. The idea is to increase the current damage of all weapons while lowering the ammo dramatically to balance things. This way you actually risk running out of ammo frequently, but it doesn’t take forever to kill your enemies. Increasing the monster’s damage is optional – all it would do is balance the increased weapon damage. Here’s a sample of how this mod could be done, but it’s up to the modder. Chainsaw = 2x damage, or 2x speed + berserk bonus Bullets = 400 to 200 max w/ backpack + 2x more damage of bullet weapons Shells = 100 to 32 max w/ backpack + 3x more damage of shotguns Rockets = 100 to 10 max w/ backpack + 2.5x more damage, or 2.5x larger splash damage Cells = 600 to 300 max w/ backpack + 2x more damage of cell weapons The amount of ammo you collect from things on the floor should be the same – you want to be able to pulverize the monsters so they die quickly, while learning to strategically use your weapons and to ration your ammo. Update: I also use Zdoom, so I would like this mod to be a wad or a deh so I can use it in Zdoom. (It should be compatible with any source port, however, because there's not that many changes in this mod.)
  4. MasterShazbot

    Starlit Map1 completed without EDGE / IC2 *updated*

    to: #3 Yep... my mistake for not having the guts to attempt it in the first place. Try it yourself though, if you think I'm lying.
  5. *MAJOR UPDATE* Anyone remember this quote? "Now, first off, before you even think of playing this map with normal Doom weapons, you can't, you won't make it far, no matter how good you think you are. That's why you need the Immoral Conduct weapon set, as stated in the text." - DD 133 *Bloodshedder, I accept your challange. I re-played Starlit map 1 WITHOUT ANY WEAPON MODS, on UV difficulty. I still beat it.* Today, Feb 7, 2005, I beat Starlit map1 (Twice, the first time was with Don Tello's enhanced weapons patch, second with normal doom weapons like I should have done in the first place) using Zdoom on UV difficulty. DD 133, *you still* might want to *take back / edit* that comment ;) I have a screenshot of me at the end teleporter and of my automap before I finished this level. (For time, kills, secrets, etc.). *UPDATE AGAIN* Ah, sucess! I'm on image dump, so I'm uploading both to it. God that map was an adrenalin rush. ;) IMAGE ONE: http://www.imagedump.com/index.cgi?pick=get&tp=202898 (Me infront of the teleporter) IMAGE TWO: http://www.imagedump.com/index.cgi?pick=get&tp=202904 (My Auto-map before I finished SL M1.)
  6. MasterShazbot

    Doomers by Location

    [**] USA [***] Utah (Yes I'm serious) [****] MasterShazbot (A.K.A. THE MASTER OF ALL SHAZBOTS!)
  7. MasterShazbot

    cannot locate weapon mod

    BINGO! thank you WW. I can't wait for your next weapon release. More undead guys would be nice thou =)
  8. MasterShazbot

    cannot locate weapon mod

    I'm trying to find a weapon mod that had weapon 6 as a Shadow-warrior gattlinggun that had delayed projectiles, I.E. you fired, and the bullets hit the wall a second later. The seventh weapon was also like this, only it was a sniper rifle (The scout from HL:CS if I remember correctly) Any ideas?
  9. MasterShazbot

    Doom Gun buddies

    I have another good idea; I hope this one will not be as complicated as my last one. A long time ago, when we had to play games on those 8-feet tall Atari machines in the arcade places, there was a space game where you could upgrade your little ship with another ship. This little ship would stay attached to yours and attack whenever you attacked. Doom Gun buddies is like that, only for doom. The gun buddies look like your color, have your skin, and fire whatever UPGRADE you give them. The first part of this mod is actually getting the gun buddies. They have to be picked up like a power up first, which can look like whatever works for them. (I think making them look like miniature doom spacemarines inside of energy spheres would look good) After you get this power up, your gun buddie's stats appear where ever you set your source port up to put them, I.E. in the left corner, above your stats, etc. Their stats show their HP and current weapon, and if it can be implimented, their AP as well. You can get a total of 4 gun buddies, making you a five-man team. Your gun buddies are stuck to your sides, move and jump with you, and have no-clip so they will not get stuck. Whenever you’re in a tight area, only two of them appear, and you fire, the other two will still fire, but they won't hit anything, so it helps to use them in an area where they can actually fit, so they won't shoot inside the wall. Once you have a gun buddy, he starts with a pistol. His pistol has inf. ammo, and has the default doom pistol accuracy rules, so you can actually snipe with him by switching to your fists. While targeting something with your x-hair, your GB will shoot what ever your x-hair is pointing at, and will continue to shoot until you stop attacking. All 4 of your GB's will work like this, so some weapons will actually intersect each other if you aim far enough. To upgrade their weapons, you have to find GB power ups. They look like miniature doom weapons inside energy spheres. If you pick them up without a GB, nothing happens, but you can use them later if you use Zdoom's inventory feature, where they will sit until you activate them. One GB upgrade will upgrade ALL of your GB's, whether you have all of them or only 1. That means if you have one GB, give him a shotgun attack, and activate another GB, the new GB will also have a shotgun attack, etc. GB weapon upgrades are re-useable. This is explained in the shotgun ammo section below. GB's themselves are not invulnerable, and the monsters will target them if they can. GB's can take environmental damage, so watch where you take them. Your GB's have their own HP system, which is basically 200 HP, as they have no armor --> UNLESS YOU CAN ADD ARMOR TO THEM, then they get 100 HP and 200 AP. (max value, they actually start with 100 AP.) When your GB's get damaged, you have to use GB med kits. GB med kits look like the GB weapon power ups. They also have to be activated before they will work. One med kit will heal ALL of your GB's, like weapon upgrades, so it helps to use them wisely. GB med kits will only work once, and are discarded after you use them, so you will have to find a new one once you've used a GB medkit. If the armor system can be used on them, you can also find GB armor upgrades that work like GB medkits. They also only work once, but will repair all of your GB's armor. GB's start with pistols, and can get the following upgrades: 1) The shotgun upgrade. They fire single-shotguns THAT SHARE YOUR AMMO. As long as you have shotgun ammo, they can use this attack. No matter what # of GB's you have, every one of them will only use 1 shell from your stockpile, unless you use your shotgun shells as well. I.E. if you use a chain gun with a shotgun GB, every time you fire, the GB will also fire, and every time he shoots, he takes 1 of your shotgun shells. If you had 2, 3, or even 4 of them, you would only lose 1 shotgun shell every time they fired, so you won't waste your own ammo at an amazingly fast rate. If you use a shotgun with them, your own shotgun will deplete its own ammo, along with 1 for all of them. In the event you ran out of shotgun shells, they automatically switch to their pistols. If you get more shotgun ammo, you can use the same shotgun upgrade you used before - you can re-use the same upgrades infinitely. 2) The chain gun upgrade. Now they fire chain guns as well, and like the shotgun, will require your own ammo to attack. Again, no matter what # of GB's you have, it only takes 1 bullet for all 4 of them to attack. 3) Plasma rifles. Your GB's are deadliest with this upgrade, and they still use your energy cells to fire. Same rules of ammo consumption apply. I left a few weapons out because they wouldn't work with GB's. Rocket launchers are a BIG no, as they would either deplete your rockets too quickly & go overkill on game play, or they would blow each other / you up. The SSG uses too much ammo for them, besides, they make good snipers with their single shotguns, and they're still incredibly powerful if all 4 of them fire 5 shotgun shrapnel pieces per GB (20 max, holy lol). The BFG's are right out of the question because they would overkill the game play and make playing too easy, or they would use your energy too quickly. Gun buddies would make an awesome doom add-on (hopefully for Zdoom, lol) they would make game play fun and new, and they introduce you to the wonderful world of team management, as they die if you don't heal them, and if you don't keep them supplied, they use all of your ammo! *UPDATE* I should have added this before, but oh well. When you pick up the gun buddy power up, you have to select it in your inventory, and then use it. The first GB teleports to your left, GB 2 on your right, GB 3 to the left GB's left, and GB 4 to the right GB's right. *UPDATE* Also, if you pick up an invisible, chemical suit, or invulnerability power up, the effects will transfer to your gun buddies for the same duration as they affect you. IDDQD should also affect them if you ever use it, (you dirty rat) if it's possible. -MasterShazbot
  10. Over the past few months I have been going on a wad fest to find the really, really awesome weapons mods for doom II. Most of what I found and tested was pretty good (With the exception of Edge mods - WHY DOESN'T EDGE LET YOU BOOST THE SOUND QUALITY LIKE ZDOOM?)The thing that bugged me about them was: Some were over-kill, meaning you could wipe everything out with minimal chance of getting killed Some had had way too much ammunition you could carry, so that also took the challenge out of playing on UV Some weapons did LESS damage, that's a big no, and some made the monsters ludicrously overpowered with weapons that take too many shots to bring them down. The mod idea I have is to make a "reality damage" doom mod that makes your weapons cause the kind of damage they would do in reality. Think of it like this: The doom shotgun fires 12 gauge shells, I'm assuming. A single 12 gauge shell at point-blank should be more than enough to drop a zombie, imp, lost soul, pinkie, and (maybe) a hell knight. To balance the shotgun, you just nerf it's accuracy to hell, so it's impossible to use it as a sniper-gun like the normal shotty. Having it fire slower would also increase the challenge with this weapon. Lowering it's ammo to 20 shells max w/o backpack would also balance it - that's 20 confirmed kills if you can get close to the bad guys and don’t miss. The double shotgun fires 2 shells at a time (obvious), reloads even slower, and has even lower accuracy than the shotgun. It fires the same # of projectiles as the shotgun, only it causes 2x the damage. The reason for the shotgun being more accurate and both guns having the same # of projectiles is so you have a reason to switch between the guns - you use the shotty for the "small" demons, and the double shotty is more geared for fighting the big demons. You still take the small demons down with the single shotty as fast as the double shotty, but you don't waste 2 shells in the process and you can reload quicker. The doom handgun is a desert eagle. That's a .357 caliber handgun. .357's are BIG guns, and they fire big bullets as well. You can't really have a uber hand gun as that kills the reason to find bigger firearms. But you don't want to be defenseless, so give the handgun a lot of damage, normal accuracy (dead on fist time, spreads if still used rapidly after), and slow ROF. If you fire a desert eagle in one hand as fast as you can, you will really degrade its accuracy, along with your arm muscles. It can still cause a ton of damage, you just have to drop the pistol's ammo to 40 rounds w/o the backpack. Think of its damage value as enough to kill a zombie w/ 1 - 2 shots, an imp with 2-3 shots, and a pinkie with 4-5 shots. Not bad for a starter, but you only get 40 - 80 bullets so you have to spend them wisely. Let's say the chain gun fires .50 caliber bullets. That would make it a death machine if you translated that kind of damage into doom, so you nerf it's accuracy up as well so it fires like a pistol: the first shot is always on target, and everything after spreads around, plus giving it its own ammo source that's different from the pistol's would help. The chain gun doesn't have to fire very fast, as the .50 cal ammo should eat through just about every demon in the game really quickly. But you’re also holding it like a sub-machine gun. Have you ever played Battlefield Vietnam? Try being a machine-gunner and fire a machine gun while you’re standing up. The ONLY way you will hit ANYTHING like that is to fire it very slowly, so you can recover from the kickback, that’s why you nerf it's accuracy up very badly, pistol style. The chain gun should have 100 rounds max, w/o the the backpack. The M60 was belt-fed like the doom MG, and its boxes held 100 bullets at a time. (Or 200, if you wanted to carry the extra weight) So it would make since for you to only get 100 / 200 rounds in your ammo box, which I'm guessing is strapped to the doom marine's belt and feeds ammo into the chain gun that way. A REALLY, REALLY good idea would be to change the chain gun skin so it has a green ammo box attached TO the chain gun. This would look realistic, and pretty damn cool to boot! The chainsaw would work better if you slashed with it instead of just thrusting it forward. You get more force into your attack, and it causes more damage without wasting gasoline just holding it in the air while pressing the button. The chainsaw has to slash through its target completely before it kills it the first time, and the demon you use it on determines how fast you slice through it. Little demons like Caco's, zombies, imps, and pinkies would make perfect targets because they aren't very thick-skinned compared to some of the other bad guys. So if you attacked a zombie, the chainsaw would take 3 seconds to slice through him and kill him the first time. A bigger demon, like a mancubus, would still die from the first slice; the catch is it takes longer to slice him up. And once you've attacked something, you *can't* pull back if somebody gets your back or sides until you've killed your target, so you have to choose when to use the chainsaw wisely. This way it's still a weapon of mass destruction, it just requires some strategy now. Having it cause pain every time it hits also increases its reality factor - I wouldn't feel very good if someone were trying to slice me up with a chainsaw. The rocket launcher should only have 5 rockets w/o the backpack. Rockets are HEAVY beasts, as well as the launcher, and are designed to put a HUGE hole through something via a warhead attached to a rocket-engine. Rockets should either have minor splash damage and ludicrous damage, or minor damage and MASSIVE splash damage. The first rockets would make good anti-boss weapons, because they concentrate their strength on one thing and cause maximum damage to it. The second rockets would make good anti-personnel rockets (Like rocket-propelled shotgun shells) because once they impacted they would sent shrapnel all over the place. The first rockets would make great anti-boss weapons, while the second rockets would do better against little demons like imps, zombies, pinkies, etc. Because it would cause enough splash damage to kill a large crowd of them, and wound a large crowd of larger demons. You risk damaging yourself with the second rockets more than the first, however. The plasma rifle would work better if it was a RIFLE, not a machine gun. I loved the Zdoom railgun.bex mod, but it often became my single-use weapon because it was basically a 600 round rocket launcher that causes no splash damage. The plasma RIFLE should fire a single round while the gun cools off / reloads, (like quake 2 rail gun) and still takes only 1 round. It should fire plasma bullets instead of energy cells, so it doesn't mess with the BFG. The max ammo w/o a backpack should be 25. Damage wise, it should still fire the blue orbs, but this is the difference: The blue orb (plasma bullet) can travel through certain demons, and detonates on the bigger ones. If it can go through a demon, it insta-gibs it. If it detonates into a big demon, it causes a good amount of damage. The BFG is a really massive gun. I personally like how it will damage whatever's infront of you, provided you’re LOOKING at it when the energy ball detonates. That's the BFG's disadvantage. There are two paths the BFG can go, like rockets: one, it's a super-plasma rifle that causes the energy orb to go through big demons as well as small ones, and it causes constant splash damage as it travels along. When it hits something, it just blows up, along with anything that was close to it. This BFG's ammo would be 1 cell to fire, max ammo w/o backpack at 10. Two, it's an instant-fire BFG. In Xaser's War zone mod, the BFG is a radiation gun that causes damage the moment you fire it- no energy ball, just damage to whatever's in front of you. Again, a great crowd controller, but if you want to make it useful against bosses, it has to have less ammo. Like 5 cells w/o a backpack, and 1 cell to fire. This weapons mod would allow you to kill the demons REALLY quickly, but you have to balance the demons out as well. Zombies: Cannon fodder anyway you put it, just up their firing chance and lower their accuracy. Bullets can kill humans from one shot, and the zombies are using guns like yours, so a fair balance is they have worse accuracy as they probably won't take time to line their shots up. They would be more likely to spray and pray. [PLSMRIFL instagibs] Imp: fireballs do 60 points of damage w/o armor or fireballs that travel at running speeds and do 35 points w/o armor. Come ON people, those fireballs BURN YOU! I don't know that many humans who could survive long after being incinerated by a fireball! Scratches do 55 points. [PLSMRIFL instagibs] Pinkie / specter: Insta-gib demon frags you in one hit. Players lazy enough to let them get that close really deserve to get whacked from the first attack. If you have armor, they drop your armor to ZIP and then cause full HP damage. Disabling their infighting with other monsters would be a must, or else you just end up using them as your weapons. The attack chance stays the same though. [PLSMRIFL instagibs] Cacos: 30-point running-speed energy balls would be fair. Like the pinkies, it's your own lazy fault if you can't dodge their attack. [PLSMRIFL instagibs, but doesn't go through the caco] Hell Knight: Moves 2x the speed now, and throws mancubus-sized green fireballs at normal attack chance / projectile speed and 65 point damages for the fireballs, 80 points for scratches.[PLSMRIFL does not instagib] [Unharmed by chainsaw] Baron of Hell: Same speed, mancubus-sized red fireballs, causes 100 points of damage both with fireballs and scratches at same attack chance / projectile speed. [PLSMRIFL does not instagib] [Unharmed by chainsaw] Revenant: Rockets don't home, move at running speeds, and only cause direct damage (no splash) 100 points because he's firing rockets at you. Just lower his attack chance or speed to balance this. [PLSMRIFL does not instagib][Unharmed by chainsaw] Lost soul: their tough enough already. if you get hit by one, you didn't dodge / intercept it and deserve whatever damage it causes, end of story. [PLSMRIFLE intagibs] mancubus: a higher attack chance would be nicer for them. Other than that their fine. [PLSMRIFL does not instagib] The pain elementals: Upping their movement speed would help them out, their easy targets from how slow they move. [PLSMRIFL instagibs with caco rule] Archvile: Another bad guy who pulverizes you enough already. Doesn't need any changes. [PLSMRIFL does not instagib] Aracnotrons: giving them some kind of smart weapon would be interesting. Homing plasma bullets that move at walk speed. Sort of the normal Revenant's replacement, except Homing bullets aren't that accurate. 20 points damage. [PLSMRIFL instagibs with caco rule] Spider Mastermind: The SM looks like it has a bigger version of your chain gun, so it fires 20 MM HEAT shells that move at running speed, with the same ROF as your chaingun. HEAT shells are good for killing infantry or lightly armored vehicles. The shells explode like rockets, and either: A) cause huge area of splashdamage and minor damage B) cause short area of splashdamage and tons of damage CyberDemon: Shoots two guns. His more common attack is a triple-burst grenade launcher (Skulltag variety) and his other gun is an A or B type rocket launcher. WHEW that was a lot of typing. Well, tell me what you think. Any changes you people think would make it better are welcome and are appreciated. -MasterShazbot -checked with word 2003 spellcheck
  11. Hi m8's, I've been toying with WildWeasel's latest mod and here's what I think. Stability: I tested this mod using Zdoom 2.63a, a P4 2.4 GHz comp, and Windows 2000 / sp 4. I would have rather used ZdoomGL 75a, but as some of you might know it cannot render every single texture in doom... and it's actually slower than Zdoom (Grrr...). Anyway, this mod was stable, and didn't cause crashes or slow-downs. Compatibility: I used this mod with the Community Chest 2 megawad, and it worked 97% of the time. I had to load it with -zdoom.exe -file cchest2.wad -file ww-xm.wad- to get it to function correctly, as putting the ww-xm mod first made all of the weapons screwy (I.E. they weren't causing the right amounts of damage.) That's no biggie though; I won't deduct points for that. The swarm launcher however, did absolutely nothing, and my inventory conveniently cleaned itself out at the start of the next level. Features: Ho ho, now for the fun part. This mod as *amazingly* entertaining! You not only have to deal with bucket-fulls of new bad guys, the sounds have been revamped and replaced with acceptable ones. Not too annoying, not too boring. Has anyone noticed the death sounds for the enemies is random for some? :) NICE! :) The inventory system (From what I've found) comes with med kits and Doom-3 style grenades that have to be collected. The med kits only heal 25 points, but being able to heal in the field is VERY convenient. Now, I have to start my complaining. This mod's kill-factor is its extra -fluff- weaponry. When I say this, I mean you will only use about 1/2 of the weapons most of the time. The first weapon is the (ahem) *spade* from Day of defeat. Who-hoo! A shovel! Meh, it's not much, but at least it causes monster’s pain animation every time it's used. I actually found myself frequently whacking pinkie's on the head with it whilst low on shotgun shells. #2-1 is the quake1 shotgun remake. Fires 2 bullet rounds, has good accuracy, but doesn't do a lot of damage. Course' it's only a starter, so I don't have a problem with that. #2-2 is a -fluff- weapon. It's a MP5 ish weapon that uses bullets and fires fast, but you couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with it. I wasted more bullets that I really needed with this little sucker, so ignore it unless you plan on hording bullet cashes. #3-1 is my favorite non-uber weapon in this mod. It's an Aliens type shotgun that sends out a butt-load of shrapnel for the price of 1 shell. It fires a little faster than the SSG and is amazingly less accurate, but once some poor soul is close to you, BANG! Their definitely gone. #3-2 acts like a -fluff- weapon... I guess it depends on the situation. This gun is a Jackhammer - an auto shotgun that doesn't have to be pumped to fire. It only takes 1 shell, but its stats are a mirror of the normal shotty: Same single-line spread and # of projectiles. The first shotgun does a TON more damage than this little guy, hence why I use it more often. But then again, the Jackhammer is more accurate (shrugs). #4-1 is another Day of Defeat gun - the BAR (Browning-automatic-rifle) is an assault rifle that uses its own ammo type (Doesn't share with the others) and has decent damage and accuracy. It's a slow-firing MG though, but that's how the real one fired anyway, so it's not a problem. This one makes a GREAT backup-weapon because it uses its own ammo type. It doesn't cause enough damage against the big enemies, but it can get you out of a sticky situation if you use it right. The enemy who uses the BAR is hilarious though - he not only has a turbo-triple burst firing BAR, but he also fires a RPG (!) at the same time! Maybe it's a bug in Zdoom 2.63a, but I would really like to find this burst BAR w/ RPG attachment ;) #4-2 is the perfect crowd control gun - the MP-3 from W-W-II. (Actually I know where the model is from: Rise of the Triad sound familiar, WW?) It has an insane ROF with a decent spread and fires bullet ammo. This little gun is great on little enemies like Zombie's and Imp's and its one hell of an anti-aircraft gun if you get what I mean (lol), but it's a waste of bullets on the bigger guys. #5-1 is the Napalm launcher - This gun's from monolith's Blood (God I miss that game... anyone thought about modding it to Doom 3 / II?) It's got its own ammo which oddly comes from fallen Imps, but I won't complain =P. It's a useful little thing for... whatever you use a rocket launcher for. It's hilarious on human enemies though, as it lights them on fire instead of gibing them or killing them (How did you get the random death animations WW? That's AWESOME!). The Cyb's also use napalm rockets instead of norm missiles. #5-2 is a UBER FLUFF gun. It's a freeze-ray powered by energy cells. Best part? It costs 5 cells to fire it... Ugh, I hate freeze rays. They don't cause enough damage so you end up wasting ammo. #6-1 is a dual-set of plasma pistols. Pretty neat, not a bad way to use your cells. Fires 2 plasma - balls that swerve side-to-side like their intoxicated, but it's another great crowd control weapon. #6-2 is a gun-version of the Hexen mage's Lightening attack. Sucks up a CRAPLOAD of cells to fire and aiming it is tricky. I'm labeling this one as a FLUFF gun because it uses too much cells, and it has a nasty habit of going after the wrong targets, or the walls. #7-1 is the BFG. It's a partial-remake of the Doom 3 BFG in how it charges and says "Overload" before it fires. Gatta love the BFG and crowds... just makes you sorry you forgot an umbrella to take cover from the flying pieces. #7-2 is a really cool weapon. It fires 3 smart missiles that either go through a bad guy, or detonate in his face. Or the wall behind / in front of him. This gun takes accuracy to use, but it's a good substitute for a BFG because the missiles go through a few bad guys before exploding. I think it uses its own ammo type, but I'm not sure. Correct me if I'm wrong WW... An' that’s the end of my little review. I like this mod. It's entertaining, it's an in-your-face instagib SPLATTER mod (I have a sweet tooth for insta-gib weapon mods, btw), it's a spray-and-pray mod, and it's a replace or mod almost every single bad guy mod. The only thing that I disliked was the lack of use in the fluff weapons. Yeah, they look cool, but their major game play killers. Anyway, excellent work WildWeasel. Extreme Measures rocks! (BTW, I checked this with Office 2003 spell check so you people can read it.)