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  1. Sgt_BFG

    RetroAhoy: Quake

    This dude makes great videos, although he did waste a bit of time just explaining the weapons and stuff to pad it to an hour.
  2. Sgt_BFG

    The bitching about the MP

    Once the multiplayer DLC starts to drop, I imagine the playerbase for the MP will drop of dramatically. Unless they add back some important staples like free-for-all deathmatch and capture the flag. Just removing loadouts and balancing the weapons properly would go a long way to improving it.
  3. Sgt_BFG

    Snapmap match making

    Yeah, I don't really have the patience to wait 10+ minutes to get a game going in snapmap. A shame too, 'cos I'm sure the classic 4 player deathmatch can be fun in good maps. maybe we could get a game going through the forums, people can message each other and form groups?
  4. Sgt_BFG


    The new designs for the Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind I liked well enough, but the actual fights themselves were a bit too easy compared to the rest of the game on Ultra-Violence. but perhaps they are significantly tougher on the Nightmare modes. I also found that I had a harder time dodging the original Cyberdemons projectiles than the new ones, speeding the attacks up slightly could have made the fight a bit tougher.
  5. Sgt_BFG

    1 Week to Doom 2016 !

    Thankfully, I've got my yearly Doom series playthrough (including Heretic and HeXen) to keep my occupied until the game launches. I am slightly concerned of the longevity of the new multiplayer, though. From what I remember of the Doom 3 launch, the multiplayer died off pretty quickly.
  6. Sgt_BFG

    My take on BFG Edition

    I agree with you on the Lost Mission, the Hell levels were great. Too bad it wasn't longer, beat it in slightly over an hour. What do you mean?
  7. Sgt_BFG

    Favourite old game sounds

    Pretty much every iD game has sounds burned into my memory, from the health bonus pick up noise from Doom to the sound when you land a hit in Quake III
  8. Sgt_BFG

    Doom 3: Phobos

    Only just heard about this mod today, but I'm already hype for it.
  9. I imagine this would affect the development of Doom 4 very little, the engine is complete and they've been using it a while, Carmack can keep on revolutionising and hopefully iD will release Doom 4 some time this decade.
  10. Sgt_BFG

    Livestreaming Doom

    Are you using the latest version of GZDoom?
  11. Sgt_BFG

    Livestreaming Doom

    Here's the link
  12. Sgt_BFG

    Livestreaming Doom

    Why don't ya try Project MSX? a pretty entertaining gameplay mod.
  13. Again, I had a lot of fun. If anybody wants to play Dissolution of Eternity in the future, I'm game.
  14. Sgt_BFG

    Discuss No Rest for the Living

    Okay so I got a copy of BFG and been playing the expansion, and I'm loving it. the first level really impressed me with its design, and how it gives you just barely enough ammo to get through, making the game really intense.