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  1. Dark_Shadow4002

    Accomodating Bicubic Image Resizing into doom pallette

    i never had any problem getting my offsets in EDGE with the PNG weapons for Fatal Disaster...hell you got the old build :P if you want i will set the offsets for ya. Hi-res weapon PNG's look far better than typical sprites...
  2. Dark_Shadow4002

    Decorate Help (this is sad)

    quick question...i couldn't find anything about "reloading" where would i place and what are the flags for a "clip size" and the "check ammo level" kinda flag to that the weapon has to be reloaded before firing...also would i have to referance a binding in the KEYCONF lump? On a final note... i wish to use this weapon as a replacement for the stock shotgun...is there a way to eliminate the original so that this weapon is there and no other ammo appears in the inventory if teh player uses the ammo cheats..and also eliminate the original shotty from the inventory as well?
  3. Dark_Shadow4002

    Decorate Help (this is sad)

    omg i am such an idiot....thanks...how STUPID STUPID STUPID.
  4. Dark_Shadow4002

    Decorate Help (this is sad)

    Ok i am posting code below from my decorate lump....i am trying to make a newer shot gun with less ammo holding as well as an ejecting casing....i get the Icon to show up on the hud, as well as on the hud it shows the ammo stores...but guess what...it won't allow me to select it...is there a key bind line or something?? Anyway here is the decorate script...you tell me whats wrong...i read over the Wiki a dozen or so times...it looks correct...but the damn weapon will not be selected at all.... Code: ACTOR 12GuageShotgun : Weapon 20010 { obituary "%o Perforated %k's 12-Guage." radius 20 height 16 attacksound "weapons/shotty" inventory.pickupmessage "aquired 12-Guage" weapon.selectionorder 1300 weapon.kickback 100 weapon.ammotype "ShottyShells" weapon.ammouse 1 weapon.ammogive 2 states { Ready: SHTG A 1 A_WeaponReady loop Deselect: SHTG A 1 A_Lower loop Select: SHTG A 1 A_Raise loop Fire: SHTG A 3 SHTG A 0 A_FireBullets (5.6, 0, 7, 5, "BulletPuff") SHTG A 7 A_GunFlash SHTG BC 5 A_FireCustomMissile("ShotgunCasing",45+random(-8,8),0,2,3) SHTG D 4 SHTG CB 5 SHTG A 3 SHTG A 7 A_ReFire goto Ready Flash: SHTF A 4 bright A_Light1 SHTF B 3 bright A_Light2 SHTF B 0 bright A_Light0 stop Spawn: SHOT A -1 stop } } actor ShottyShells : Ammo 10471 { inventory.pickupmessage "4 12 Guage Shells." inventory.amount 4 inventory.maxamount 20 inventory.icon "SHELA0" ammo.backpackamount 2 ammo.backpackmaxamount 40 states { Spawn: SHEL A -1 stop } } actor ShottyShellCase : ShottyShells 10472 { inventory.pickupmessage "Aquired a case of 12-Guage Shells." inventory.amount 10 states { Spawn: SHEL A -1 stop } } ACTOR ShotgunCasing { Height 12 Radius 9 Speed 4 Scale 0.45 PROJECTILE +DOOMBOUNCE - NOGRAVITY SeeSound "weapons/Shell1" States { Spawn: SHLC A 0 A_PlaySound("NULL") SHLC ACBHEGFD 1 Goto Spawn+1 Death: SHLC A 0 A_Jump(32,8) SHLC A 0 A_Jump(37,8) SHLC A 0 A_Jump(43,8) SHLC A 0 A_Jump(51,8) SHLC A 0 A_Jump(64,8) SHLC A 0 A_Jump(85,8) SHLC A 0 A_Jump(128,8) SHLC A 350 Stop SHLC B 350 Stop SHLC C 350 Stop SHLC D 350 Stop SHLC E 350 Stop SHLC F 350 Stop SHLC G 350 Stop SHLC H 350 Stop } }
  5. Dark_Shadow4002

    Reflections in GZdoom

    yep that was it. Thank you very much...i guess my lack of paying attention to updates bit me in the ass...I have been working with EDGE and Doomsday a lot so my last DL of anything "zdoom/Gzdoom" related was early to mid last year. Thanks again.
  6. Dark_Shadow4002

    Reflections in GZdoom

    you know, i never thought about updating...i'll give it a go and see what happens. Thank you for your insight :)
  7. Dark_Shadow4002

    Reflections in GZdoom

    here is the script in its entirety....(it is small since it is just the beginning. #include "zcommon.acs" script 1 OPEN { Thing_Activate (const: 1); Delay(const:70); restart; } script 2 OPEN { Thing_activate (const: 2); Delay(const:90); restart; } script 3 OPEN { Thing_activate (const: 3); Delay(const:110); restart; } script 4 OPEN { //Reflection shit Sector_SetPlaneReflection(36, 100, 0); Sector_SetPlaneReflection(37, 100, 0); Sector_SetPlaneReflection(38, 100, 0); }
  8. Dark_Shadow4002

    Reflections in GZdoom

    yes i am dutch devil. My main concern is that maybe it is doombuilder. I went over how torm did the reflection code in sapphire and it seems to be exact (with the exception of the tags and location IE floor/ceiling). So is the code i posted ALL i need in teh script to allow the tagged sectors to have the reflectivity....or is there more to it. Mind you the sectors are tagged accordingly (in the proper numerical tag identifiers).
  9. Dark_Shadow4002

    Reflections in GZdoom

    @ alterworlder...the title of the thread states i am using GZdoom. Hense the title "reflections in GZDOOM". @joboro- To your comment i can only say i fail to see why you would post "use opengl mode" Of course that is an open GL option as well as dynamic lighting and probobly a host of other features for this port. The problem is not with the "settings" because i played sapphire recently and the reflections work perfectly. So i am under the assumption it is something in the script.
  10. Dark_Shadow4002

    Reflections in GZdoom

    ok i read the wiki a dozen or more times...tried to implement the damn reflections to my script and such but the damn thing is not becomming reflective in the damn game. here is the script i added via DB's script editor... script 4 OPEN { //Reflection shit Sector_SetPlaneReflection(36, 100, 0); Sector_SetPlaneReflection(37, 100, 0); Sector_SetPlaneReflection(38, 100, 0); } is something missing? All the sectors are tagged according to the tag referance here IE sectors 36-38. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Dark_Shadow4002

    What is hardest part about making a level...

    To me the most difficult things... 1.Making and completing the FIRST map of a large project (my main problem). Fo some reason i can start making and completing maps AFTER the first map BEFORE completing the initial start map...cause IMO the intro map tells the end user how your mapping style is and how the gameplay will flow ibn a basic sence. 2. I have a serious OCD issue with proper texturing, flats trims..etc..etc everything has t be perfect in a room before i can go on and that can take DAYS AND DAYS...so time and patience is an issue. 3. Keeping to your original plans..be it a basic set of had drawings for maps, written ideas..etc..etc...because in large projects..keeping the player interested and not seeign the same thing is VERY vexing. 4. Actually deciding on a port...i have this problem as we speak. All ports have their shining glory and serious lacks. It sux when you get a week or 2 into a project and realize that the limitations of your understanding of a port limits your design ideas. In my case doomsday is VERY beautiful but VERY VERY limited in teh archetectual design area..though you can make great atmosphere with particles and the best lighting engine...the lack of sector over sector and other additives limits your imagination a tad. Gzdoom, has graet qualities BUT the hirestex shit is a pain in the ass. EDGE great port all around...but lack of multiplayer, 3d models kinda kills the eyecandy, but teh EASE of the DDF format makes it VERY flexable and the 3d sector support is great...so in that...port choice is a bitch :P
  12. Dark_Shadow4002

    Quick Doomsday Question

    I was thinking of posting the bug at sourceforge but it is such a MINOR issue i just figured the priority would be rather low and kind of a waste of time to bug skyjake about :) either way its nice to know it will be fixed. But alas snowberry hates me and i am stuck with 1.8.6 till i figure it out.
  13. Dark_Shadow4002

    Quick Doomsday Question

    yeah it worked...somewhat...again i have a dilemma...and if it doesn't work..the wall glowing texture idea is a waste:( I made some png's for wall glows...and they worked! BUT here is the issue..once i added an alpha channel to the PNG so that ONLY certain parts of the texture were visable...the glowing ceased. IF the entire PNG was solid (no alpha) it worked but if it had an alpha...glowing stops...whats the deal? something in JDooms rednering code?
  14. Dark_Shadow4002

    Quick Doomsday Question

    ok, i am familiar and pretty well versed in the way Jdoom operates...but one nagging thing...possibly i over looked it. Now jdoom automatically makes the fwater, lava and the nukadge flats "glow" Now for that glow i cannot find it anywhere in any of the ded's. I am trying to implement some of my OWN custom glowing flats. How might i go about this? Also since i am on the subject...can you do that for walls as well (without making a decoration...but more like a glowing mask texture or a glowing texture with an alpha channel). Thanks.
  15. Dark_Shadow4002

    Genetic Disaster Released

    Hey sitters, The fake walls he is referring to are the "air vent" textures that hide the imps and teh air shafts. The way you have shown how Risen works is very admirable. But, however the map layout is rather basic shall i say. But overall the map was a good "demo" for what Risen is capable of :) Now as blackfish said all the things you have accomplished in Risen are now available in GZdoom as well. Either way, it is also nice to hear that you are now part of the Risen team, hopefully with your expertise Risen will become a better port and possibly gain a higher fan base. One question though...are you and abbs/danij working on a new model pack for Risen/Doomsday? In closing, the project is a great example of what Risen is capable of. But as a stand alone mod...rather average :) (excluding the modeling work thats top notch :D )