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  1. Scero

    Photorealistic Sky Textures

    I am using this very program for my TC, and i think it works just perfect. For my needs anyway. I render the skies as 6 512x512 jpg images (to save space, instead of using png) and the result is quite nice:
  2. Scero

    Is there a port where... (death frames)

    EDGE supports attack based deaths, which means you can have unique death animations for each and every attack if you want to. In addition to that you can do different deaths based on wether a projectile killed a monster when hitting it, or if the splash damage killed it. With some nifty DDF code using random jumps you can have a number of versions for each death. So you can do, say, 4 different "hit by bullet, fall down" animations and then another 3 "cut in half" and then 5 different "melted by hot plasma" sequences and then an extra 2 "somewhat melted by hot plasma" from the new plasma splash damage you added (if you wanted to :) ). Of course, this all assumes you have the time and patience to do all those frames . The actual coding is very simple.
  3. Scero

    Attention all modelers...

    Stationary home computer: custom built gaming monster CPU: Amd Athlon64 3700+ (2,2 Ghz?) Memory: 1GB GFX Card: Nvidia Geforce 6800 Ultra HD: 250 GB 19" TFT monitor Boring DELL work Laptop: DELL latitude D505 CPU: Pentium (1,6 Ghz) Memory: 512MB GFX Card: One of the crappy Intel ones HD: 40 GB Think it is a 15" screen Both can run 3D studio max and Milkshape3D, although i cannot do to complicated things in 3D studio on the laptop or it will catch on fire and explode. Well, not really. I can build some pretty decent geometry on the laptop but it tends to run a bit sluggish. Think the crappy GFX card is to blame. Paintshop pro 8 for all materials and skins. I think Infinite Ammunition pretty much nailed what you need.
  4. Scero

    Imps: furry or not?

    I looked it up in the bible, which never fails to tell the real truth about these critters. It makes numerous references to "leathery skin" or just "skin", which of course makes it obvious that the Imps have no fur. Well, i guess one could complain that just because the Imps have skin dosen't mean they do not have fur on the skin, however such arguments are not something i am bothered by. But in order to make this post a bit longer, and to be on the safe side, i will comment on the possibility that people might still believe that Imps have fur: The doomguy does think, quoted out of context, that "her skin might well have been the smoothest silk". Kinda stupid thing to think if there was fur, which we all know tend to be more "silky" than "leathery skin". edit: removed the worst typos
  5. All the monsters from Nitemare 3D, aswell as those creepy curtain doors. The whole wad would take place in a giant library maze, where you *walk* around (running disabled) and kill said monsters with a wooden stake launcher and grenades with holy water. The music would consist of a badly composed midi version of ZZ top - Gimme all your lovin'. The final boss battle against Frank himself (cue Mortal Kombat theme music) would take place on the roof of the library, where you must trick him into a giant beartrap to catch him. After he has been trapped, you must find the lighter and gasoline (lighter in the sewers, gasoline behind the old clock which moves when you remove a random book from a random shelf), while killing more Nitemare 3D monsters, and finally get out to burn the whole thing to the ground (cue Mission impossible theme).
  6. Scero

    Bloom! HDR! Buzzwords! Blah!

    I think Burnout 3 is an excellent example of a game which used motion blur to good effect, to simulate the more insane speeds you could gain. Looked great to, and it wasn't distracting your attention from the gameplay.
  7. Scero

    Bloom! HDR! Buzzwords! Blah!

    Couldn´t agree more. Now, i like pretty graphics like most people. Nothing gives me a boner like subtle bumpmapping, highres textures and insane polycounts on a virtual opponent getting blown through a window, complete with realistic ragdoll- and breaking glass physics. Preferable in slowmotion aswell. That´s the reason i bought myself a 3500$ computer 6 months ago. However, like you said, these new "effects" that everyone and their mothers seems to come up with really makes no sense to me either. The first time i played "Brothers in arms: Road to hill 30" i wondered WTF was wrong with my configuration. That was, until i found out that the shit on my screen was not due to faulty drivers, but someone thought up the brilliant idea of smearing digital vaseline all over the place to make the game look better! As far as HDR go. Can´t say i remember having experienced it. Guess i'll have to install Half-life 2 again then :) Another favorite of mine is "lens flares", which makes as much sense as middleaged men dressing up in japanese school girl uniforms.
  8. Scero

    how do i get this wad to work *fixed*

    Looks fine to me. Does it generate some kind of error message? Try dragging the wad file you want to play and drop it on gledge32.exe.
  9. Scero

    What's your favorite food?

    Hehe maybe this is a swedish thing? Since i am lazy, and very rarely have the balls to touch anything more advanced than my microwave (for fear of burning the kirchen down) i tend to favour the same thing :) Mmm, "snabb makaroner" and "mamma scans färdigstekta" meatballs rocks my world. Kachiiiing! A 5 minute flight to paradise.
  10. Scero

    DOOM Board game

    I have bought the boardgame, and to be honest, it's great fun *if* you are a fan of boardgames in general. We have found the rules "out of the box" to work pretty well, although it is extremely difficult for the marines. But fantasy flight (the developers) have released a set of downloadable difficult levels which makes it a bit more fair for them. I like the general flow of the game, as well as the exploration. The only problem i see is that there are only 5 missions supplied with the game, and once the marines have played and completed a mission there are no suprises left. But there is an unofficial scenario editor released as far as i know. The models looks great, and are very true to their Doom 3 counterparts. There is also an expansion in the works which will add more monsters and missions. We usually play it when there is no time to spend 6 hours on a giant warhammer mega battle, and i would really recommend it to people who enjoy boardgames. Just because you like doom dosen't mean you will like this.
  11. Yeah, legacy is nice and all, but i am more of a EDGE person myself. I started modding for DosDoom quite a few years ago, and once you get used to DDF and RTS you really don´t want to trade that power away. It is to bad that the EDGE team seems to have a life outside the doom community, so updates are kinda slow. But hey! They are doing it for free, so im not complaining. Although i do keep zDoom and Doomsday around for casual play. ZDoom for all the great wads (ACTION!) and doomsday for the eye candy (SITTERS!). Just because legacy works for you dosen´t mean it "IS THE BEST PORT!!!!". It is for you perhaps, but the great thing about the fact that there are more than one source port means that everyone can find one they like modding for and playing with. Im my opinion the whole discussion about which port is the best is pointless, since it is a matter of personal preference. But i think we all know that the most popular one is zDoom since it works for most people, can do pretty nifty stuff, has slopes and runs on older hardware. EDIT: After having read through the whole thread once again i realised that i have misunderstood the whole thing. Heh, the first two paragrafs do kinda sorta in a way relate to the original question thou....
  12. Scero

    doom wad name generator

  13. Scero

    EDGE 1.29 RC2 is out

    Straight from Ajapted's log: 2005/06/04: Simplified the way monster reloading works, the RELOAD_CHECK action now increases the shot_count itself. Also added a new RELOAD_RESET action. Make of it what you want, but i think it resets the monster magazine, ie something which is used after the monster has finished it's reloading state. Unless of course Lobo did not do a typo, and it really is a new action for weapons.ddf, in which case i have no idea. Edit: spelling
  14. Scero

    EDGE 1.29 RC2 is out

    - NOZBUFFER special for things.ddf This one also works just fine in attacks.ddf Finally we can have super nifty (and CPU expensive :)) smoke and fire effects with a few hundred sprites floating around without any ugly "cliping" errors. And there was much rejoice *yay*!
  15. Sounds good Weasel, although i personally (as in me, only me and noone but me) would probably prefer a full mecha TC with new levels built to scale, to create the impression that you really are sitting in a 60' suit of armor stomping things and firing your 20" Gatling Auto Cannon :D