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  1. Green Gates

    GBA Doom

  2. Green Gates

    Bagel Bites

  3. Green Gates

    Are you a hypocrite?

    Maybe then the rumors I've heard of Bill Gates weren't true. I get the feeling this is another stereotyping issue. There's always going to be some bending and note-taking between two specific factions/enterprises/corporations/political parties/etc in order to bash the opposing one, so the fact that there's a lot of ramblings about the rich being cheap bastards and the poor being helpless, talentless idiots really doesn't surprise me, the more I look at it. Just shoot them. Sure, the media will blame Doom for the killing (again, like those hypocrites always do), but oh well.
  4. Green Gates

    Are you a hypocrite?

    Really, it all comes down to human nature. Many well-meaning people would be willing to grease the palms of the poor, for example, yet there's always going to be that chunk of them that says "Who gives a f*cking rat's colastame bag what these pricks are going through? I'm blowing this on that mediocre Microsoft product I've always wanted." So people do often feel the obligation to contribute or do some humanitarious act, yet at the same time just the thought of doing that can go against our own will. Often times, the tolerance/intolerance to do things like throwing chump change to some dirty-leather-clad bum off the street can vary depending on the person, their personality, and their environment/life in which they were raised. So degenerates such as Donald Trump or Bill Gates... I believe no further comment is necessary. Anywhat, I don't think I'll be posting much down here, because the flaming looks like it's getting a little bad. Not that I usually mind that much, but I just get the feeling that this is going to adopt some 'conservatives vs. liberals' background.
  5. Green Gates

    GBA Doom

    Eh, I'm a wee bit confused. Anywhat, it would be very interesting to have an 'expansion' sort of cartridge slot in the GBA that allows you to stick expansion packs and source ports and stuff into. That and it would have something that reads to make sure that the game and the expansion are compatible.
  6. Green Gates

    GBA Doom

    Don't worry, I don't have any grudge against you. For some reason though, that just cracks me up. If your feelings are hurt by it, or if you feel some other negative reaction to it, please let me know and I will stop. I wasn't aware that you could actually get source ports to work on GBA Doom, though. What really impressed me though was how it had 4 save slots and that you could actually hook up to other GBAs with a cable to play Doom network. I should buy a GBA and that game sometime.
  7. Green Gates


  8. Green Gates

    GBA Doom

    They're just products. My goodness.
  9. Green Gates

    GBA Doom

    I've been thinking about purchasing that lately. It's always comforting to know you have Doom in your pocket. I don't really care what color the blood is.
  10. Hmm. I'll try it out. That sounds a lot like Old Green Day: First two albums were great, but beyond that they turned to... Nothing much.
  11. I AM A MORON! I AM A BANNED MORON TOO!! http://www.blink182.com/ "For over a decade, Blink-182 has toured, recorded and done non-stop promotion all while trying to balance relationships with family and friends. To that end, the band has decided to go on an indefinite hiatus to spend some time enjoying the fruits of their labors with their loved ones. While there is no set plan for the band to begin working together again, no one knows what tomorrow may bring." Hm............
  12. *Sighs* I never said that they were emo or that all who listened to them were idiots trying to fit in. Call it a method of blowing off some steam through some over-the-top exaggeration, because so many of the fans I've met of Blink 182 (if not the all new Bowling for Soup) were those stuck up valley punks, the type you'd meet in high school every day. And those sorts of people were the types who would just love to fit in and become some clone. What makes these sorts of people stupid is not that they like Blink 182, but because a big reason for a majority of them listening to Blink 182 all the time is because they want to feel that they're fitting in to some 'cool crowd'. This is why there's so much stereotyping and insecurity about people being automatically stupid because they like popular music, which is also somewhat related to the jokes being made about all blondes being more stupid than those with a different hair color. And yes, there are indeed quite a bit of these sorts of punks who root for bands like Green Day. Sure, some for the minority punk rock bands I've enjoyed, but bands like these especially. I listen to these bands because I like them and see them as an amazing way of life, not to make some point as if through listening to some sort of music that I'm 'hip' and those who listen to anything else are 'square' or 'uncool'. In truth, I don't mind Blink 182 TOO much, although I don't really care for them. When it all comes down, I simply hate a majority of their audience. I'm actually sort of glad they ended, however, because their music was becoming annoying. Hopefully each of them will join bands that many of us here can enjoy more.
  13. Green Gates

    Are you a hypocrite?

    Wa? Wazzafuh? Wa you yella-bellayed, ta-wearin' tea-suckin' hypocrite! Wa da f**k youse eva done back derr in ol' Howlywood, yeh payensy-ass liberals! A-hoo, a-hoo, a-hoo-hoo! Damn boi, get meh som cheap-ass brews na, oh Ise whoop yeh damn ass!!!
  14. Green Gates

    Maddox Is Writing a Book!

    Ah, irony. You flip flops can take things way too seriously. It's simply too amusing. Do I really have to put a "I'm just joking" message on the bottom?
  15. Green Gates

    The Dreaded MPAA

    See, trusting the media is like trusting the government. It's just amazing how you can form a vast, publicly accepted group (or in this case practically an empire), compile some publicly accepted ghost story and label it as a scientific study. The current video games issue is a good example.