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the hole youth

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  1. the hole youth

    What do I need to do?

    now that i know what im getting, i need to know if a newer, faster, more powerful prossesor will work with my compaq, or if i need to get a new case and motherboard. is there a way i can tell or do you know or somthing
  2. the hole youth

    What do I need to do?

    hey, before the day doom 3 came out, i had onboard graphics and a low ram. the day it came out i got the game, and a radeon 9600se, i also bumped up to 512 ram. i have an amd athalon xp 1.03ghz and i realized the game runs shitty online and single player. i beat the game through but i saw it run on a good computer and i want to upgrade and what do you think i should do? money isnt a big issue but it is a factor thanks-the youth