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  1. Chainsaw

    Floor Light

    AFAIK, you cant. Light is done by sector. And the light level is constant for the entire height of the sector.
  2. Chainsaw

    New level: Kappa Base

    I can never really be bothered balancing it for anything other than UV. I only ever playtest on UV. I normlally just make less monsters appear in lower skill levels, not worrying about the balance. And as for ammo on the level... I did run out when there were loads of demons around.. and fist fighting them was a bit of an arse. Also... theres a lack of secret areas. Not a biggie (depends if you like them or not) but I like rewarding people that like exploring/deducing things. I normally try and make them more difficult to find that just pressing space on every wall.
  3. Chainsaw

    Esselfortium's Doom Soundtrack Remastering Project

    these sound really great. Almost as good as firing doom up on a Sound Blaster Pro for the first time :D Any plans to remaster the doom2 music at some point?
  4. I cant be bothered to trawl through the IDgames archive, so can anyone recommend any zdoom maps with really good detailed design and/or good scripting, the former being more important. Just alot of the maps I do find have little or no scripting in them.
  5. The min spec for half life was a p133, and Im sure I saw it run (albeit, very slow) on a P90. And are you sure about DX9? its reasonably new.. is there even a version for Win98?
  6. Chainsaw

    Switching to DoomBuilder - tips needed

    The way I do it (assuming its what you mean), Create a sector where you want the pillar to be then in sections mode highlight it with the mouse and press delete, et voila. All you gotta do now is texture it.
  7. Chainsaw

    the sky-paradox is underrated

    Im using this effect in part of my new map. By using sloping floors you can actually make a platform appear to be higher than you are, but dont let the players POV able to look "underneath" the floating platfor els the illusion doesnt work.
  8. If I have two monsters in a room (imps lets say) how can I check that both are dead before spawning a shotgun for example. If both the imps had TID 2 and a mapspot had TID 1, would be something like: if(ThingCount(T_IMP,2) == 0) { Thing_spawn(1, T_SHOTGUN, 0,0); }
  9. Chainsaw

    Need inspiration

    Ive come up with (what I think what would be) a great concept for a map. Just I lack the inspiration for the actually mapping. It took me 7 years to gradually peice together my last complete map (doing about a weeks work at a time). Any tips from anyone?
  10. Chainsaw

    Get player position

    Well, I finally got it doing what I wanted using THing_move(). it even works with map spots, but for some reason it wont move an object to you if you're standing next to a wall.
  11. Chainsaw

    Get player position

    The following script should teleport you every 5 seconds back to where you just teleported from. TID's 2 and 3 are ZDoom map spots. I cannot make them move and take the place of the player was. The player always teleports to where they are placed on the map. I have also tried it with teleport destinations with the same effect: script 1 (void) { int destID = 3; int leftID = 2; Thing_ChangeTID(0, 1); while(1) { TeleportOther(leftID, 1,0); TeleportOther(1, destID, 1); if(destID == 2) { destID = 3; leftID = 2; } else { destID = 2; leftID = 3; } delay(5 *35); } } I have also tried Thing_Move, but again to no avail. any ideas?
  12. Chainsaw

    Get player position

    This just returns the co-ordinates of the thing with the given Thing ID. Is it possible to give a thing ID to a player?
  13. Chainsaw

    sound script

    script 1 (void) OPEN { ActivatorSound("thesoundyouwannaplay", volume) } this will play the sound when you start a map, at the volume level which is a number between 0 and 127.
  14. Chainsaw

    Get player position

    What function in ACS can I use to get the current XYZ coordinates of yourself?
  15. Chainsaw

    ACS Compiler