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  1. Reap

    Physics Phun.

    Well why is he flaming Doom 3?
  2. Reap

    Physics Phun.

    Then why did you register for these forums if you think HL2 is so great. Go some place where someone cares.
  3. Reap

    Doom 3. scary?

  4. Reap

    Doom 3. scary?

    In a D3 interview some guy said there is gonna be more Dooms in the series.
  5. Reap

    Doom 3. scary?

    The only thing that really scared me was the loud screaming. I was in the dark once and i was playind Doom 3 alone. ( bad idea lol ) I heared the creapyest sound and i just SPRINTED under... well something. Doom 3 = Pretty dang scary
  6. Reap

    ATi or nVidia

    ATI is the best.
  7. Reap

    Doom 3. scary?

    Yep. Thats bacicly it.
  8. Why do you call the Sawyer zombie bezerker?
  9. Reap

    Different Imps?

    I liked the older one too. I'm protective of my age. You may see it in my profile but, to avoid crowding. ( wich probobly won't happen ) Sorry.
  10. Reap

    Different Imps?

    Really? Thats stupid.
  11. Reap

    Help on installing mods

    I need help too. Mods and my computer don't match. I need a pro to come to my house and do it. lol
  12. Reap

    Different Imps?

    The is an imp in one of these movies ( Interviews of Doom makers ) well the was a different looking imp walking down a hallway. . . Here it is, What is it? It is not in the doom game now. I confused.
  13. Reap

    Tearing apart.

    Cool. you could saw the weapons out of their hands...