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  1. Zodiak

    help with drivers

    Hey guys, my computer isn't working. About 5 mins ago, the disc drives were working. Now, when I tried to run Doom 3, it says Code: Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41) Yes, everything is connected. I tried to call HP and they said I need to pay to talk to them. Hell no is thjat gonna happen. Please help.
  2. Zodiak

    ATi or nVidia

    Doom 3 was meant to be played on ultra with a 512MB card. Yea, some 32-bit action.
  3. Zodiak

    ATi or nVidia

    What's ray tracing?
  4. Heres my McDonalds Song: I took some fries, but just a bit I new it was McDonals, 'cause it tasted like shit I went to the drive through and said "this place sucks" The cashier gave me the finger and said "What the fuck' I went home and ate my burger I don't know what rhymes with burger so thta's my song!
  5. Oh that's why there McDonalds everywhere...I though it was for advertising sake.
  6. Zodiak

    New Zombies

    CyberDemonHunter said: LOL. Right with you! I can't wait to throw the imps and stuff with that gravity gun. And those powers sound so cool. Like being invinsible for a few seconds. I also wanna see those brother imps.
  7. Zodiak

    Custom PDA

    Hey guys. I just made 2 PDA's in my map. The first one, is the one that you get to use and stuff and that works fine. The second, however, dose not work. I made a new folder in my Doom3/Base called "newpdas" In there, I made a text file with all the information of the pda. The Pda is called "test_Schmoe". Here is the code I used: pda test_schmoe { // the name after "pda" here must match the pda_name value that we gave in the editor name "Joe Schmoe" fullname "Joe C. Schmoe" icon "gui/pda/bio1" id "4792-513" // this can be anything, have fun post "Welcome Aboard" title "Mr. Anderson" security "" // this is used for informational purposes, but relates to security clearances pda_email "schmoe_email_1" pda_audio "schmoe_audio_1" } email schmoe_email_1 { date "10-25-2145" to "Joe Schmoe" from "John Smith" subject "Test" text { "Mr. Anderson,\n\n" "This is a test of the UAC's new e-mail system. Please e-mail me back to confirm.\n\n" "John Smith\nUAC's Other Guy" } } audio schmoe_audio_1 { name "Schmoe's Audio Test" info "Made by: Joe Schmoe\nDate: 10-27-2145\n" preview "sound/vo/video/novideo" audio "audiolog_test_schmoe" } When I go to get that Pda after I already got mine, it just says "Default PDA" and my Schmoe e-mail isn't there. PLease help Me!!!
  8. Zodiak

    ATi or nVidia

    CS is only a 32-bit High detail game. it should run fine on any card
  9. Zodiak

    Pope given Last Rites

    Right with you, don't even no what that big word means. LOL, jk
  10. Zodiak

    Ping Problem

    Thanks. i think I'm gonna get cable. Right now I have a peice of shit DSl and i get like half a meg a sec. It sucks. Is 1.5 MBS good? Or do I need 3.0?
  11. Zodiak

    Ping Problem

    I know, just playing :P
  12. Zodiak

    Ping Problem

    I can't find any of the options you're talking about. I even went into "advanced" options. Are you sure you're correct?
  13. Zodiak

    Ping Problem

    Heu guys. I have a question. How can I lower my ping? I have a nVidia MX440 128mb card and can play SP on medium with very little lag. I tried playing MP on the low setting but I only got about 20 less ping. I have a DSL Modem, but it's not the fastest. Do I need a new card? Please help me, I wanna play some multiplayer again, with out seeing my arm 20 feet away from my body. P.S. Is the the nVidia 6800 GT superbly better than the 6600 GT? Or is it a close race. Just wondering. Mite buy one.
  14. Zodiak

    Terri Schiavo :(

    SHE DIED :( :( :( At 9:03 Am on thursday.
  15. Zodiak

    ATi or nVidia

    Well it's not a mermaid. And most of there cards have a Monster. LOL