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  1. Heavy_Z

    What are the must see DOOM 3 mods?

    I'm amazed at how little there is out there considering how long this game has been out. I just finally got a computer that will run this game decently and it seems that the only mods are the same ones that were out a year ago. Out of curiosity does any one know how well this game sold? I would have figured that it sold pretty well, but there seems to be no community around this game.
  2. Heavy_Z

    Is the Doom Community dying?

    The Doom community will never die. Mainly because I'm not going anywhere. Given I don't post here all that often, but so long as I check in every couple of months the community isn't dead is it? I still play doom almost every day, though I have to admit I have been on a bit of a Quake binge lately.
  3. Nitemare 3D. Now that is some straight suck. Its more Wolfenstein 3D era though. As far as the games froim around the time of Doom I thought Heretic had disapointing sprites. Not terrible, but *******ely not up to the doom standard.
  4. Heavy_Z

    How long do you think Doom will survive?

    Doom actually seems to be gaining notoriety in the past year or so. It seems to be mentioned on G4 and in discussions more often than it did in previous years. Doom is one of the most influential games in the history of video games. It basically brought 3D gaming to the masses. Much like classics such as Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda I think Doom has achieved a status of immortality in the history of video games. Now I do think that the modern view of doom has become distorted by Doom 3, but this is natural. Many gamers that started playing games in the mid 1990's remember Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda the Ocarina of Time more than the original games of those respective franchises. While this has led to a lack of respect in some ways for the original games, it has also led to the immortality of the franchises. I do think that there has been some degridation of the original Doom games in the eyes of the general public, but there will always be people like those on this board that will keep the flame alive. Its not that often that a video game comes along that changes people's lives the way doom has done and continues to do.
  5. Heavy_Z

    Did DOOM disappoint you?

    I was never dissapointed in doom. I got the shareware the day it came out and the rest is history. I had been really into Wolfenstein so doom was huge improvement. I suppose I was disapointed when I started doing mods and found out you couldn't have two rooms on top of eachother or put enemies on a bridge above you, but that was a fairly minimal dissapointment. Having to pay $140 for 4 megs of ram to get Doom 2 to run on my system sucked more. Then I found out how to do a Dos bypass on win 3.1 later and was even more pissed, but I suppose in the long run it wasn't that big of deal. I also hated the long distance bills when using DWANGO. I loved the service, but could afford to play it more than about 3 hours a month. I didn't know that many people that played back then. The only big dissapointment to me in Doom has been Doom 3. It's not that it is a bad game, but ut was way over-hyped. I enjoy playing it more and more as time passes, but intially it failed to live up to the hype and I didn't like it much. On last dissapointment was the lack of jumping and bullet holes in the walls in Doom 2 after playing Rise of the Triad.
  6. Heavy_Z

    Doom 3 is gonna hate my PC, isn't it?

    I know the feeling trying to get Doom 3 to run on my laptop was a pain. I know laptops aren't made for gaming, but I did end up getting playable frame rates in 640x480. I have an ATI Radeon Mobility 9200 with 64 MB of ram btw. I just bought the game for xbox, and I prefer the xbox version of the game. I have even played the computer version on top of the line computers, but I prefer the Xbox version. There are less enemies that apear behind you, and stuff like that. While I like the whole enemies sneaking up on you and scaring you it is just cheap to have them teleport in behind you. The only down side is that at the rate things are going I am going to end up buying Doom 3 several times over just like the original dooms and quake. Thats the one downside to id is that their games are so good I usually end up buying just about every avaliable version. I've still got doom for my 32x and my Jaguar.
  7. Heavy_Z

    How long have you been playing Doom?

    I've been playing since the shareware was first offered. I remember staying up all night waiting for the download to finish.
  8. Heavy_Z

    Nightmare Anyone??

    I hate NM. Its boring to have all the Demons respawn. I like the sense of accoplisment I get from killing enemies. I don't like to turn around and see them come back. I don't mind hard challenges, but NM is insane.
  9. Heavy_Z

    Doom RPG Forum?

    I am ********ly interested in this. I love role-playing though it has been a while since I have played any pen and paper games. In the last year or two my friends and I have switched to story based experience without the dice. It suprisingly works well. I like the sotry better than the traditional aspects of leveling and numbers. Some what odd since I am a mathematician. All said I would be intersted, and I have a friend I think would be up for some doom role playing. I'll check with my friend, but you can count me in for sure.
  10. Heavy_Z

    That DOOM Feeling

    What makes Doom so good that there are mods for it to this day is that it is the only FPS to achieve a perfet balance opf weapons an enemies so that you can play it any way you want. If you are pissed you can take a run throu e1 and blow everything away with the shotgun. You can play the game strategically, taking careful perfection in the selection of every weapon you use to take down the demons. Beyond the perfection of gameplay Doom has something that no other FPS will ever pull off - The perfect plot. What better reason do you need to kill than the invading forces of hell? There is no human interaction. It's just you and the forces of hell. Every human down deep in their gut knows that they would fight given this situation. Other games try to create a scenario inwhich one would fight to the death, but there is no reason out there more compelling than the invasion of hell.
  11. Heavy_Z

    Wow, the Doom 3 community is great!

    Yeah. Most Id games end up with great support from their communities. Thats why I find it worthwhile to buy pretty much all id games.