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  1. I can't get ROE (dang computer won't run it), but I heard that the oringal Lost Soul is back as The Forgotton One. Can someone post a pi of it in ROE, please? Thanks!
  2. ToyoWolf

    DooM 3 monsters are HOW much different than DooM II's?

    fuor Wurds fur thet gy thet rote the fak. Idoits can't rite faks!/mockery
  3. ToyoWolf

    The CyberDemon to be in Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 3?!

    This rumor is completely bogus. How Do I Know? I asked the character Designer about it. Here's what he had to say: How much cooler than the CyberDemon?
  4. ToyoWolf

    Doom3 in Doom2?

  5. ToyoWolf

    What has Doom most contributed to?

    ...Well, THAT was an expected weapon,considering that id made Quake.
  6. Oh Man, That was hiralious, if only for the sheer stupidity of it! I loved it when *SPOILERS* ...He came out of the toxic waste and talked about protecting the enviroment. "Hi! I'm doomguy, reminding you to protect your enviroment. Now I blow the creatures of Hell up for a living (Imp:ROAR! *BOOM*),and those bastards never clean up after themselves, and they pollute the planet.But we clean up after them because we want to keep our planet as clean as possible. Help keep your planet clean. Don't Litter!" -This PSA brought to you by your United States Government. "Hi, I'm Joe Lieberman, and I approve this message!"-
  7. ToyoWolf

    IDDQD tshirts

    I know what would be an awesome DOOM T-Shirt! *FRONT* The pixelated old CyberDemon. *BACK* Old-Style CyberDemon (not pixelated,but new looking) firing a missile at you. *BACK2* New CyberDemon firing a missile at you.
  8. A panel of it shows in the top left corner of the DooMWorld page at random. It shows doomguy yelling something while punching the CyberDemon (with the word BONK.). Where can I read that comic,it looks funny! :)
  9. ToyoWolf

    What has Doom most contributed to?

    Well, let's see... DOOM contributed to the creation of the ESRB. DOOM literally made the FPS market what it is today. DOOM spawned many,many,MANY Mods to WADS, and thus started the Mod Phenomenon. DOOM made us scared of video games. DOOM was the first true Horror Game. DOOM was the first game to have DeathMatch mode,a mode that has become the most popular Multiplayer mode in FPS games in history. DOOM was one of the first games to have 3D-like enviroments. DOOMWorld would not be here if it wasn't for DOOM. id Software woul not be as well known if it wasn't for DOOM DOOM made us FEAR Monsters again.
  10. From a news report I found on a gamesite,can't remember which...I think it was IGN: "Reports indicate that there will be a new boss,a CyberDemon of sorts,in TY The Tasmanian Tiger 3.The enemy will have a Rocket Launcher,will be able to kill you by stomping on you and is incredibly tall.However,this new enemy might not be in the final product,as it bears a striking resemblance to another certain game's final boss." WTF, indeed.
  11. ToyoWolf

    DooM 3 monsters are HOW much different than DooM II's?

    Thanks everyone. Now...I heard the Pain Elemental (my 2nd fave,design only) is not in DooM3. Is this true?
  12. I know the CyberDemon's attacks (and power) are VRY different than DooM II's, but what about the other returning monsters?
  13. ToyoWolf

    Doom3 in Doom2?

    How do I run the demo?