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  1. [KoZ]MatthewPe2

    How do I select something?

    Thanks for that.
  2. [KoZ]MatthewPe2

    How do I select something?

    I have an entity/room made, unselect it. How do I select it again so I can edit it?
  3. [KoZ]MatthewPe2

    Why Doom, of all games?

    Doom's gameplay is superior to other gameplay which is about as fun as a dead cockroach.
  4. [KoZ]MatthewPe2

    How do I select something?

    How do I select something after it has been unselected?
  5. [KoZ]MatthewPe2

    I get this weird memory overusage in DB

    That's really unusual because high memory usage usually comes with it's payload of CPU as well
  6. [KoZ]MatthewPe2

    BuilderX Update Thread (For CodeImp)

    In Progress: Wad Specific Text Lump Editing (like ANIMDEFS, MAPINFO, TERRAIN etc) This is a primitive lump editor and will probably eventually become the resolution for the dreaded "OMG OMG CODEIMP GIVE LUMP EDITING! OMG OMG" What is BuilderX?
  7. [KoZ]MatthewPe2

    DoomBuilder help - multilevel WAD

    Then please give me the error number and description or what caused it so I can find the bug. Maybe people need to know that I'm Doomguy0505.
  8. [KoZ]MatthewPe2

    SONY uses Crippleware for Antipiracy

    If Sony did this, people wouldn't buy their console, they know it. This is very unlikely to make it into PS3.
  9. [KoZ]MatthewPe2

    Wrong Textures. Please Help Me!

    give your parameters then please
  10. [KoZ]MatthewPe2

    Doom featured in Family Guy

    Why don't I see anything?
  11. [KoZ]MatthewPe2

    4 feature requests

    This. is why
  12. [KoZ]MatthewPe2

    BuilderX Update Thread (For CodeImp)

    frmTextureBrowse : Initialize (Fixes missing textures in 2D mode)Public Sub Initialize(ByVal browseflats As Boolean) Dim useditems As New Dictionary Dim Keys As Variant Dim starti As Long Dim i As Long Dim ScrollMax As Long 'None selected selectedindex = -1 'Check if using flats or textures If (browseflats) Then 'Set information for Flats Set collection = flats numitems = collection.Count Caption = "Select Flat" lblViewSort.Caption = "Viewing used flats only. Press TAB to view all flats." Else 'Set information for Textures Set collection = textures numitems = collection.Count + 1 '1 extra for the - Caption = "Select Texture" lblViewSort.Caption = "Viewing used textures only. Press TAB to view all textures." End If 'Check if we are allowed to do subclassing If (CommandSwitch("-nosubclass") = False) Then 'Keep original messages handler OriginalMessageHandler = GetWindowLong(Me.hWnd, GWL_WNDPROC) 'Set our own messages handler SetWindowLong Me.hWnd, GWL_WNDPROC, AddressOf TextureMessageHandler End If On Error Resume Next 'Get the key names Keys = collection.Keys 'Allocate memory for string names ReDim itemnames(0 To numitems - 1) 'First texture is nothing If (browseflats = False) Then itemnames(0) = "-" starti = 1 Else starti = 0 End If 'Make string array from names For i = starti To numitems - 1 itemnames(i) = Keys(i - starti) Next i 'Check if we should select used names from sidedefs (textures) If (browseflats = False) Or (Val(Config("mixresources")) = vbChecked) Then 'Go for all sidedefs For i = 0 To numsidedefs - 1 If (useditems.Exists(sidedefs(i).Upper) = False) Then If (collection.Exists(sidedefs(i).Upper)) Then useditems.Add sidedefs(i).Upper, 1 If (useditems.Exists(sidedefs(i).Middle) = False) Then If (collection.Exists(sidedefs(i).Middle)) Then useditems.Add sidedefs(i).Middle, 1 If (useditems.Exists(sidedefs(i).Lower) = False) Then If (collection.Exists(sidedefs(i).Lower)) Then useditems.Add sidedefs(i).Lower, 1 Next i End If 'Check if we should select used names from sectors (flats) If (browseflats = True) Or (Val(Config("mixresources")) = vbChecked) Then 'Go for all sector For i = 0 To numsectors - 1 If (useditems.Exists(sectors(i).tfloor) = False) Then If (collection.Exists(sectors(i).tfloor)) Then useditems.Add sectors(i).tfloor, 1 If (useditems.Exists(sectors(i).tceiling) = False) Then If (collection.Exists(sectors(i).tceiling)) Then useditems.Add sectors(i).tceiling, 1 Next i End If 'Sort used items Set useditems = SortDictionary(useditems) 'When using textures, add 1 for the - If (browseflats) Then numuseditems = useditems.Count Else numuseditems = useditems.Count + 1 'Allocate memory for string names ReDim useditemnames(0 To numuseditems - 1) Keys = useditems.Keys 'First texture is nothing If (browseflats = False) Then useditemnames(0) = "-" starti = 1 Else starti = 0 End If 'Make string array from texture names For i = starti To numuseditems - 1 'Add to array useditemnames(i) = Keys(i - starti) Next i 'Set the current collection curitemnames() = useditemnames() curnumitems = numuseditems 'Resize list picList.Width = ScaleWidth - picList.left * 2 picList.Height = ScaleHeight - picBottom.Height - picList.top 'Reposition scrollbar scrScroll.left = picList.ScaleWidth - scrScroll.Width scrScroll.Height = picList.ScaleHeight 'Rearrange controls ArrangeBoxes 'Set the scrollbar max ScrollMax = (curnumitems \ cols) + 1 - Rows If (ScrollMax < 0) Then ScrollMax = 0 scrScroll.Max = ScrollMax scrScroll.LargeChange = Rows End Sub
  13. [KoZ]MatthewPe2

    BuilderX Update Thread (For CodeImp)

    Here I will post any new code in BuilderX which you can use for the next version of DB mod3DMode : RunTextureSelect (Fixes missing flat/texture in 3D mode)Private Function RunTextureSelect(ByVal CurrentTexture As String, ByVal UseFlats As Boolean) As String 'On Error GoTo Leave3DMode On Error Resume Next Dim ErrNumber As Long Dim ErrDesc As String Dim TextRect As SRECT Dim MousePoint As POINT Dim LastCursorUpdate As Long 'Get mouse coords GetCursorPos MousePoint 'Keep coords TLastX = MousePoint.x TLastY = MousePoint.y 'Determine area With TextRect .left = 0 .top = 0.9 .right = 0.6 .bottom = 1 End With 'Make the text Set r_texdesc = VertexBufferFromText(TEXTURE_DESC, TextRect, ALIGN_RIGHT, ALIGN_MIDDLE, TEXT_C1, TEXT_C2, TEXT_C3, TEXT_C4, TEXT_SIZE) r_numtexdescfaces = Len(TEXTURE_DESC) * 4 - 2 'Initiate defaults InitTextureSelect CurrentTexture, UseFlats 'Current texture SelectedName = CurrentTexture CreateSelectedTextureText 'We are now selecting a texture/flat TextureSelecting = True ThingSelecting = False 'Initiate the textures field CreateTexturePreviews Do 'Calculate time CurrentTime = timeExactTime FrameTime = CurrentTime - LastTime LastTime = CurrentTime 'Poll the mouse PollMouse 'Mouse events can do anything, also terminating 3d mode If Not Running3D Then Exit Do 'Check for cursor update If ((LastCursorUpdate + CURSOR_FLASH_INTERVAL) < CurrentTime) Then 'Change the cursor ShowTextCursor = Not ShowTextCursor 'Recreate the text buffer CreateSelectedTextureText 'Keep the time LastCursorUpdate = CurrentTime End If '===== Start scene D3DD.Clear 0, ByVal 0, D3DCLEAR_TARGET Or D3DCLEAR_ZBUFFER, Val(Config("palette")("CLR_BACKGROUND")), 1, 0 D3DD.BeginScene 'Apply Matrices D3DD.SetTransform D3DTS_PROJECTION, matrixProject D3DD.SetTransform D3DTS_VIEW, matrixView D3DD.SetTransform D3DTS_WORLD, matrixWorld 'Beginning settings D3DD.SetRenderState D3DRS_ALPHABLENDENABLE, 0 D3DD.SetRenderState D3DRS_LIGHTING, 0 D3DD.SetRenderState D3DRS_CULLMODE, D3DCULL_CW 'Texture filtering as configured SetTextureFilters False 'Render selection background RenderSelection 'Render texture previews RenderTexturePreviews 'Bilinear texture filtering SetTextureFilters True 'Render texts CreateSelectedTextureText RenderTextureTexts 'Texture filtering as configured SetTextureFilters False 'Render the mouse RenderMouse '===== End scene D3DD.EndScene '===== Present scene D3DD.Present ByVal 0, ByVal 0, 0, ByVal 0 'Process messages DoEvents 'Delay frames If (DelayVideoFrames) Then Sleep 50 Else Sleep 10 'Next fame input will be done again IgnoreInput = False 'Continue until 'dialog' closed Loop While TextureSelecting And Running3D Leave3DMode: 'Check if 3D Mode was not terminated If (Running3D = True) Then 'Check if not quit nicely If (TextureSelecting = True) Or (Err.number <> 0) Then 'Keep error ErrNumber = Err.number ErrDesc = Err.Description 'Clean up directx mode Running3D = False TextureSelecting = False CleanUp3DMode 'Display error if not device lost error If (ErrNumber <> -2005530520) Then MsgBox "Error " & ErrNumber & " in RunTextureSelect: " & ErrDesc, vbCritical 'Yes, cancel this TextureSelectCancelled = True End If 'Check if cancelled If TextureSelectCancelled Then 'Keep original texture RunTextureSelect = CurrentTexture Else 'Check if we should get complete texture name If (Val(Config("autocompletetex")) <> 0) And (TextureSelectedIndex >= 0) Then 'Return new texture RunTextureSelect = curitemnames(TextureSelectedIndex) Else 'Use typed name RunTextureSelect = SelectedName End If End If Else 'Clear errors Err.Clear 'Keep original texture RunTextureSelect = CurrentTexture End If 'Clean up arrays Erase itemnames() Erase useditemnames() Erase curitemnames() Set collection = Nothing End Function
  14. [KoZ]MatthewPe2

    Very Bad Memory Usage

    CodeImp, what are your system specs. Mine, and I have this problem (maybe a don't highlight feature) Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 2 1.80 GHz, 1.00 GB of RAM
  15. [KoZ]MatthewPe2

    4 feature requests

    4. Timeline.