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  1. danimetal

    The /newstuff Chronicles #274

    I just tried and noticed that there´s actually a bridge in "Lost Bridge" as this Legacy screenshot shows: http://img157.imageshack.us/img157/8281/lostb5jk.png I guess the bridge will also appear on GZDoom but well, anyway, it´s not as if the addition of the bridge does add a lot to this map. The two battles are just too cramped and the map is way too short so it actually looks more like a test wad than an actual level. Maybe there´s a joke on this wad that I missed but it´s, somehow, a pity since the construction is very tidy and it doesn´t look bad.
  2. danimetal

    The /newstuff Chronicles #274

    Nice batch of reviews. I think I´ll take a look at Adessa before proceeding with any other wad.
  3. danimetal

    The /newstuff Chronicles #273

    Actually it´s a nice week in terms of time you can spend playing the wads. I personally found Rylayeh very interesting when I playtested it, fairly long and adequate for playing it during a few days but also agree with those who think that it takes its time to get started... Anyway, once it gets started the action and puzzles on these maps have a great flow so this wad becomes sort of addictive. I also thought it was long enough to keep you hooked but not too long so you can lose interest on it. About Rf1024, it never ceases to amaze me the quantity of things you can put into a small map. In terms of gameplay it takes almost the same time than a classic Doom level takes to finish, but in a much smaller space. Finally, Hell's Twisted Influence wasn´t that bad for me. I approached the map from a neutral point of view and had my fun during half an hour or so. It´s true that the difficulty is unbalanced, as you can run through almost the whole level without dying and then you can get easily killed in the last battle and also that the battles could use more planning instead of frontally throwing monsters at you but overall I found this map to be fun. My biggest complain is also personal and it´s nothing related with the size of the file: during my play and from the beginning of the map I thought that the TNT series has a much too big influence on this wad and that gives it a "rip-off" feeling that I find inadequate.
  4. danimetal

    Allowing for Larger Flats.

    Actually it´s great to see improvements on software for such and old game, specially on software that is that useful (and needed) when dealing with modifications :).
  5. danimetal

    Allowing for Larger Flats.

    Hi Grazza. Nice to see you!. No, I didn´t get the last beta but v1.15. However, I just downloaded the beta and will try it again. A NewDoom user seems to have achieved it with XWE as long as he doesn´t do anything else than loading them as you can see in this thread: http://forums.newdoom.com/showpost.php?p=459122&postcount=24 Anyway, I hope I can find a way :). Edit: The beta you pointed me to worked wonders: I used the "Import as raw" and it worked and so did loading a regular BMP entry. Many thanks for your help :).
  6. danimetal

    Allowing for Larger Flats.

    Thanks for your replies. CSabo, I´ll make sure I have the latest beta (my version is 1.12)... Let me tell you what I´m exactly doing: I load my 256x256 image between the markers, save it as Doom Flat and when I open up the map in Doom Legacy I get only a 64x64 portion of the picture. It tiles in 64x64 portions. Thanks also Enjay. Since I´m not using ZDoom I won´t be able to make use of the information you give me. Anyway, that hi-res point of view is most interesting: I think I read something about it while I tried to solve the problem and thought that it would be cool to replicate this effect in Legacy too. Guess it´s too early for that. In case you´re interested, I found a way of making large flats work in Legacy without using complex modern software: you need to generate raw files out of the bitmaps and then insert them with NWT... Csabo, the size is exactly the same you mention: 65536. I think I tried to insert these entries with XWE but when I loaded it in the wad they´d just appear corrupted. Apparently it could have something to do with the offsets but setting them to 0,0 wouldn´t work. The only thing would be to "Save as Doom Flat" and have only a small portion of the flat. I´ll check the next XWE version, if any. Thanks a lot. Edit: I just downloaded latest version but it does the same: it crops a 64x64 portion of the image. I guess the implementation of these large flats is different between ports... I´ll try to insert RAW lumps this way and see if I can get closer. 2nd Edit: No go... If inserted as RAW lumps they would appear corrupted. Thanks for your help and I hope my contributions are useful :).
  7. danimetal

    Allowing for Larger Flats.

    Hi: Some Doom ports allow for larger than 64x64 flats sizes. I´ve been recently trying to insert them with XWE and had no luck. I can insert the image (say, 256x256) but I can´t use them in game: if I don´t use the "Save as Doom Flat" option they look weird in game. If I use that option so they look as they should they´re automatically forced to be 64x64 and the whole point of large textures is ruined. I wondered if it was possible to add compatibility to XWE so larger flats can be "Saved as Doom Flat" and thus, usable in game. Thanks.
  8. danimetal

    The /newstuff Chronicles #261

    A large number of wads this week and a large number of reviews. This is indeed a nice work.
  9. danimetal

    NDCP Released

    Another nice "castle-fortress" map was done by Iori. I don´t rememeber the slot, maybe it was 06?.
  10. danimetal

    Simple Life Ain't so Simple

    This whole update thing is most interesting. If maps are gonna get tweaked and the new episode is less linear I will be playing through it again.
  11. danimetal

    The /newstuff Chronicles #257

    Excellent reviews this week. A nice amount of wads and a nice amount of work and words about each of them.
  12. danimetal

    The /newstuff Chronicles #252

    Nice work on each one of those reviews :).
  13. danimetal

    The /newstuff Chronicles #250

    Nice reviews this week. It´s nice to see Newstuff back.
  14. danimetal

    Suspended In Dusk

    Haven´t finished it still, got killed by an Arch-Vile in Map03 but so far is quite good and gets better the more you move into the wad. Large maps, lots of twists and nice connectivity.
  15. danimetal

    The /newstuff Chronicles #248

    The "Chamber of Chaos" map provided a nice challenge of a few tries for the average player. It´s a shame that it is relatively short, anyways, it´s the best of this week in my opinion.