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  1. kc32

    HD Radio

    If it's a troll, it'll probably be an interesting one. That said, WTF is an HD radio and how is it better than a normal FM radio? FM radios already have the audio frequencies from 20Hz-20KHz in 2 channels plus an optional data channel used for sending out what song's playing or whatever, and anything more than that's overkill unless you're dealing with video or data.
  2. kc32

    KDiZD... thoughts?

    KDiZD was pretty fun to play, but the key/switch hunts were way too long and complicated.
  3. kc32

    A powerful new PC - is it worth it?

    If you go to Newegg and know what you're doing, you can get a decent gaming machine for around $400, $750 if you include a copy of XP Pro and a good monitor, and mouse/kb/speakers/etc. Although it will require buying AMD and ATI parts.
  4. kc32

    Deus Vult II: First Edition Released

    Can someone tell me what the music from Map23 is from?
  5. kc32

    OpenCoop 2.0 Released

    Does anybody else get a wrong DLL API version error?
  6. kc32

    God proven to exist

    That's probably already been done. Or at least into ASCII, anyway...
  7. kc32

    vanilla or Vanilla?

    It's Vanilla DooM.
  8. kc32

    MGS VS. Splinter Cell series

    I need scissors! 61!
  9. kc32

    Strife Soundtrack?

    Isn't the MUS2MIDI utility still on Doomworld somewhere?
  10. kc32

    Parrots are funny

    http://www.tourettesguy.com/videos/birdinthehouse Me and my friends laughed at this for about half an hour. I know, it's dumb, but it's fucking hilarious.
  11. kc32

    PC sound help.

    Look in the Sound Mixer controls and see if Wave Volume is turned up.
  12. kc32

    Superbowl XLI

    Bears, 402 to zip.
  13. kc32

    the xmas thread

    The only reason I'm getting money is because it's fucking impossible to find a Wii around here...
  14. kc32

    best trilogy ever

    Knee-Deep in the Dead/The Shores of Hell/Inferno