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  1. Killer_of_Doom

    Username game

    I have no idea what this is http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix/dmkiller2.jpg
  2. Killer_of_Doom

    Congestion 1024 released!

    Brilliant stuff!!!!!!!! Most of the levels were fairly good and the music was great. BTW: Where did the music for Map18 come for is it an actual song or is it something composed just for this?
  3. Killer_of_Doom

    "LOL" Doom Moments

    Something I do for fun In zdoom is to summon a friendly cyberdemon and watch him as he slaughters everything in his path. It crack's me up everytime!!!!!!!!!
  4. Killer_of_Doom

    3d Spiderdemon (Quake)

    I've seen a spiderdemon quake model before, in a quake mod called "your path of Destruction". It had all the doom monsters and it was fairly good.
  5. Killer_of_Doom

    Decorate monsters (help)

    Normally they dont look that good when scaled bigger, It makes them more pixelated.
  6. Killer_of_Doom

    Skulltag V0.96D - released

    Thats great news, I LOVE skulltag.
  7. Killer_of_Doom

    Tormentor667 is leaving...

    This is a sad day for Doom, and dron and edward, this is all your fault , I hope your happy with your selves for the trouble you caused.
  8. Killer_of_Doom

    Got "Doom artifacts"?

    Are the levels any good? And where can they be got?
  9. Killer_of_Doom

    Return From Oblivion

    That looks pretty good, should be fun.
  10. Killer_of_Doom

    Michael Jackson

    Maybe Jackson bribed the Jury? Thats why he got off.
  11. Killer_of_Doom

    Your skills and stuff

    I havent played doom on any skill other than uv since around 1996, I just find it too easy. I find Doom2 simple and Plutonia is fairly easy. I never thought Av was hard or Hells revealed, bur hr2 is just unfair.
  12. Killer_of_Doom

    why doom?

    Doom is an exellent game, thats why we all play it and we're going to keep playing it, you just cant stop!
  13. Killer_of_Doom

    [released] - Scythe 2

    Thats great news, but why only 29 maps?
  14. Killer_of_Doom

    How long have you been playing Doom?

    I've been playing it since around 1993, I think. Only off and on. Oh all the good Times.
  15. Killer_of_Doom

    Nightmare Anyone??

    When I play on nightmare skill, i like to play with a really powerful weapons mod, so it becomes a total slaughter house. Its Great Fun!