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  1. the novels didn't work last time, and a movie would suck ass, [especially with vin diesel}. now, action figures, made by mcfarlane...that could work nicely.,
  2. damn straight. my first doom experience. bought it without ever playing it. i just had a feeling...
  3. damn straight. mac, where do you keep going away to?
  4. i only use the stealth method when health or ammo is low, other than that it's full speed ahead.
  5. that's pretty cool, you'd never see it during gameplay, but it's cool they kinda hid stuff in Q3.
  6. damn...let me in there!
  7. i just like the phrase "doom room".
  8. that is hilarious, i'm surprised people aren't prowling the halls.
  9. some things ae worth the cost...
  10. damn straight, NO DOOM MOVIE!!!!
  11. eviserated humans, blood spattered walls, kinda feels like home:)
  12. sounds good to me. ship 'em!
  13. ok, since it's been asked twice... NOTHING! i was blindly hoping the media would bridge the gap and make mr. hulka feel bad about trying to make a movie about teenagers who are REALLY into doom. there. i just really don't want a piece of crap like this made into a film.
  14. absolutely beautiful...
  15. some guy is trying to make a film about doom/fps games. i imagine such a film would be quite fruity.