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  1. I played it and sure, it is pretty mediocre but it doesn't really deserved to be hated as much as you guys hate it. Why all the hate? EDIT: System of a Down MIDI's make me rofl.
  2. You fucking stole my idea.
  3. Yes, I knew YTMND's are bad. Happy now? >:(
  4. mikedm92

    Cool Link of the Day

  5. Can anyone identify this song? http://static.ytmnd.com:8000/71000/71692/sound.wav I want to use it for a flash animation and I don't want to use that crappy WAV file.
  6. mikedm92

    Killzone 2 - Prerendered or In-Game?

    Not only that, but Microsoft made a really stupid move during the E3 press conference. When they were showing off Xbox 360 games, they made Dead or Alive 4 the center piece, even though the graphics in that video could easily be rendered on a modern day PS2, yet they only showed like 30 seconds of Gears of War. I don't give a shit about Dead or Alive, show Gears of War you dumbasses!
  7. mikedm92

    Scuba Steve plays hl2????

    Heh, that movie failed it. In fact, every Adam Sandler movie fails it.
  8. mikedm92

    Skinny Puppy or ohGr?

    I din't!
  9. mikedm92

    Whats the name of this scream?

    Heh, yeah. Either falling a long distance or on fire. :D
  10. mikedm92

    Skinny Puppy or ohGr?

  11. mikedm92


    I don't think so: 1 gig ram GeForce 6800 3.4 ghz ugh... I forgot the rest.
  12. mikedm92

    Whats the name of this scream?

    No, you're thinking of Wilhelm Scream, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelm_scream
  13. mikedm92

    Killzone 2 - Prerendered or In-Game?

    Also notice that the FPS stays at a perfect 60 throughout the whole thing. Even when the car explodes and the airplane crashes. That can't be right; there are too many particles coming out to run that smoothly.
  14. If you haven't seen it, check it out yourself: http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/action/killzone2/index.html?q=killzone+2 Click on Game Demonstration. Now, there is a lot of doubt here and there about whether this is in-game or not. I would think that the particle effects shown in that video would be too much for any PS3, X360, or computer to handle. But then again, I'm no expert so I guess my opinion is invalid. What do you guys think? By the way, Gamespot had a rumor mill on it: http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/action/killzone2/news_6126204.html
  15. mikedm92


    I hope it isn't choppy like that. (Of course that's an alpha or something)