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  1. Scopeless

    The /newstuff Chronicles #267

    Well in GZDoom, I'm getting a ton of missing textures and a bunch of exclaimation marks. For Strife, I can't even get it to open. I put the directory into the doom directory, but do I need to move the contents of the directory and put them directly in to the doom directory?
  2. Scopeless

    The /newstuff Chronicles #267

    Ugggh! I'm still having problems getting strife working and in GZDoom, none of the textures/models/anything doesn't work with this mod. I really wanna try it too.
  3. Scopeless

    Greatest Game of All Time

    they got some REALLY good games on that list. I like almost all of them.
  4. Scopeless

    Wip:Halls of succubus/some tech map

    i really like the red theme
  5. Scopeless

    A Reason to Watch G4

    wasn't the last news from ID is that they're making something new?
  6. Most people think system shock 2 is one of the best games ever created (especially to game developers)...wat are you talking about. Back on topic, the map looks great. Too bad I don't play multiplayer doom.
  7. Scopeless

    Best Megawad Ever

    i have been on a doom fix for like six months and i played many of the named megawads. Scythe 2 wins because it is the most balanced and fun.
  8. Scopeless

    [released] - Scythe 2

    i just ran away from him in mister x. Sprinted to the exit dodging all the way.
  9. Scopeless

    The /newstuff Chronicles #235

    holy shit...D! Zone? I can't believe someone else out there has this. I can't seem to get the wads to work off the disc anymore. I wanted to test some out even thought they are probably 95% terrible. One of the main problems I found finding out if the wad is doom or doom 2. There no descriptions if u pull them straight off the disc and there are tons.
  10. Scopeless

    Wad In Progress [Arena Tension]

    Archviles are usually auto-banned in arena maps because you can't really dodge them. Chaingunners in large group are probably not a good idea either...unless there are places to hide behind. This reminds me of the old game Smash TV. You would go to a game show (Like the movie The Running Man) and have to fight your way through the arena...which was a bunch of linked rooms with different prizes weapons and enemies. I'm kinda new to this community, but I haven't seen anything recently that is like this.
  11. Scopeless

    Stuck on Doom 3

    I'm pretty sure u have to kill his lights and then hit him while they're down.
  12. Scopeless

    The /newstuff Chronicles #235

    94 wads help show u what NOT to do (save a couple of gems in there).
  13. Scopeless

    Welcome to Hell Released.

    Great job on the map. The only problem is that some parts are literally impassible. I still couldn't get through a door and the part with the ghouls floating in air that trap you when u go outside. I had to idclip to get past both parts to see the rest of the beauty.
  14. Scopeless

    The /newstuff Chronicles #234

    Is the floating missle-shooting clown head supposed to look like Bingo, the floating clown head from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode called "the clowning". Also, first post! I really like what you guys have done here on this site, and I love this community. I've been lurking for a couple months and just decided to post now.