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  1. NeVeR

    DooM 3 Xbox ..Im stuck!!

    okay i went bak to it !! And found what i was lookin for !! Thank's For your help ! :D
  2. NeVeR

    DooM 3 Xbox ..Im stuck!!

    Yes prob...Playin it right now ..I Done something Cuz more Demons came out ! so il see whats up with that !
  3. NeVeR

    New Movie Pics - Including BFG!!!!

    i have herd lots of things about the DooM Movie ...Most people have told me it has nothing to do with the actuall story line from the game ! Which i hope isnt the truth !
  4. NeVeR

    DooM 3 Xbox ..Im stuck!!

    okay They didnt help me one Bit !!! lol I know where i am tho its the MonoRail ..and i have to open the air lock Doors !! Does it ring any bells for u all ? !!!
  5. NeVeR

    DooM 3 Xbox ..Im stuck!!

    Cheers !
  6. NeVeR

    Doom for the Nintendo DS.

    that looks cool!.. I never did like the doom 64 game !! But some of the demons in it did look fair good !!...Heh when i bought Doom 3 on x box it came with DooM and DooM 2! Has Multiplayer on it got to be the best multiplayer game i own on x box out of the 52 games i own!
  7. NeVeR

    Whats The Story Behind Doom 3?

    in the interview's John says its Doom as in doom 2 never happend ! :D...But il take ya word on that
  8. NeVeR

    Whats The Story Behind Doom 3?

    Its Doom as in like Doom 2 never happend.. If u have a Collector's ed..The interviews with ID software tells u the story line!
  9. NeVeR

    oddest place you've played Doom?

    I got bored when i went to a mates house so i walked home ..Had My laptop with me ! I stoped in a AllyWay to have a Quick game of DooM 2...Icon Of Sin! If thats not odd ...What is ?
  10. NeVeR

    DooM 3 Xbox ..Im stuck!!

    Hey people. Im stuck at the subway with the airlock thing...I have no idear what to do ..i have read my objective's and stuff ...But from what i can see i need a code to unlock the airdoor's i have looked over everything about 5 times and still cant find anything ...! Any Suggestions ? Thank's
  11. NeVeR

    Who plays xbox doom?

    Yea i play it ..Only bought it the other Day !..