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  1. I appreciate you posting this Kristus, even if this seems to be a hard crowd. ;) Thanks to all who enjoyed it.
  2. Finally. The premise, credits and download links are here: http://ug.dyndns.org/~hexum/maps/exec/exec.htm There are plenty of mirrors and even a torrent download option. There is a .zip and a .rar option as well. The .zip is double zipped so if you don't know how to open that just get the .rar. I look forward to everyone playing it. I've been working on it on and off for a year so I'm anxious to hear your comments. Thanks! EDIT: When you hear the little girl whisper, "Saaaave me..." Do yourself a favor and save. :)
  3. heXum

    Executive Quarters - Single Player

    Thanks guys!
  4. heXum

    Executive Quarters - Single Player

    Nope, this is regular old Doom 3 stuff. :)