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  1. i didn't made this mod as "total uber conversion". i made it for multiplayer purposes, deathmatch on n-gage via bluetooth is really fun! :)
  2. hm. talk to me on msn ;) it's same as my e-mail address... and btw. this site is in polish, not german! :)
  3. thanks for posting my e-mail address. http://www.sin.bee.pl/temp.rar - when you get it, tell me because i want delete this file.
  4. sin`pl

    muzzle flash request

    that's right ;-)
  5. sin`pl

    muzzle flash request

    thank you sir. what about this? i need two sprites for each gun, it's shotgun replacement:) i hope its not a problem for u..
  6. can anyone make a muzzle flash for this weapon? tia
  7. sin`pl

    Doom3 in Doom2?

    i would like to make a sprites from 3d models but i dont know wich program i should use... i tried two - one wont work with md5 and the second wont show animations... please give me a name ;)
  8. sin`pl

    Doom3 in Doom2?

    any updates?
  9. sin`pl

    half-life tc

    also a mobile phone version. i like golden eye :)
  10. sin`pl


    hey, how to run .deh files with vanilla doom? for launching wads its:-file name.wad... thanks.
  11. sin`pl

    half-life tc

    hello...i found months ago half-life total conversion for vanilla doom :P i talked wtih nmn... he never heard about :) i though its very popular... so i decided to post it here. removed also - there is duke nukem 3d tc... both works on vanilla doom, yeah! :)
  12. sin`pl

    Map remakes?

    Hey, thanks for these maps :) They are great. I did a search on idgames archive before posting this thread but I didnt found these maps... Thank you very much :)
  13. sin`pl

    Map remakes?

    hi everyone, anyone know where i can get map remakes for doom1/2? for example q3dm1 conversion etc.. i like quake1/2/3,sin,call of duty,unreal tournament maps... ;) tia.
  14. hi there, can u recommend very good maps? i prefer maps with custom textures... that works with vanilla doom. i like to play on detailed maps, like phobos mod etc... thanks, sin
  15. sin`pl

    quake 1 mod