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  1. ACTOR LanceCarbine : Weapon replaces Shotgun { obituary "%o was ambushed by %k" inventory.PickupMessage "you have aquired the Lance Carbine" radius 20 height 16 weapon.selectionorder 700 weapon.ammotype1 "LanceRound" weapon.ammouse1 2 Weapon.AmmoType2 "Clip" Weapon.AmmoUse2 0 Weapon.AmmoGive2 36 weapon.kickback 0 decal bulletchip +NOAUTOFIRE +AMMO_OPTIONAL +NOALERT states { Ready: I put this so you can understand where you should put the line of code. Put +NOAUTOFIRE above the "states" line shown in my example. This will make the weapon fire like a semi auto instead of the "machine gun effect" you get with the normal Doom weapons. I hope this helps.
  2. Oh sorry didn't fully read your post. Are you sure it's map 11? Because I don't think there is a red key card in map 11 I could go look for it though for you.
  3. wooze

    Smoother weapon sprite animations - Released!

    Wow thanks dude it worked. And I must say this is one slick mod these sprites are awesome!
  4. wooze

    Smoother weapon sprite animations - Released!

    I have a couple of problems with your mod first is I don't have a Defs folder or an Auto folder within the data folder and when I click on your Pk_weapons.ded link it just sends me to a page with the file's code instead of downloading the file itself. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. You could try the +AMMO_OPTIONAL flag, however, it won't switch to another weapon if you really run out of ammo you will have to manually switch.
  6. wooze

    Lookn' for a weapon wad

    Ah yes! This is it. thanks man!
  7. I'm looking for a weapon wad that had these akimbo shot guns. They would fire at least four times like a machine gun. This wad was slightly overpowered and the shotgun graphics where from the game Killing time. Here are some pics. http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/killingtime/images.html?om_act=convert&om_clk=gsimage&tag=images;img;1 Click the first screen shot. The shotguns looked like that one, exactly. except it was two of them you could fire at once. I've looked all over Idarchives with no luck. Can anyone help me out?
  8. wooze

    Putting decorate monsters into a map

    Ok, First off you have to get the decorate lump into the wad you are editing, I will assume you know this already. Then, when you have done that you'll have to put it into a category. ACTOR ZombieMarine 3200 { //$Category Monsters <---- like this. } You cab put it as the first line of code for that monster. Also, That number "3200" if another actor has the same number your wad will crash so make sure it has a different number. If I'm wrong about anything please correct me. And another thing. //$Category can be edited to make your own category like this. //$Category weapons //$Category ammos //$Category :P And It should make a new category in the things menu on the map editor, At least it did for Doom Builder. If you have any problems I'll be happy to help.
  9. wooze

    weapon whore

    Is is a pk3 file? If so just drag it on the zdoom.exe and just run it normally. That might do the trick.
  10. wooze

    What immerses you ... [Pointless Punckgzsor Posts]

    Over use of the devil face pentegram. I mean cmon none is enough.