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Da Real Chombert

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  1. Da Real Chombert

    How old is God?

    LOLZ DONNY OSMOND IS GOD!!!11111111111 ?––?
  2. Da Real Chombert

    Trance and other forms of Electronic music

    I can tolerate some trance, mainly from either Aphex Twin or soundtrack off of video games (the game Unreal has a lot of bad-ass trance music). I can't stand extremely hardcore industrial music like Merzbow, though. Who would possibly want to listen to that?
  3. Da Real Chombert

    DOOM Board game

    I've never really grown too terribly fond of the boardgame. Come to think of it, Doom tore families from all across the nation from their boring game of Monopoly and got them hooked on blowing up Imps on the computer screen. To slam the whole idea of Doom into what it mocked seems a little... I don't know... Awkward. But that's just me.