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  1. Frost67

    MAP11 and MAP12 - Plutonia

    OK i managed to get 2 error report and i've posted them in the bugs section of the zdoom forum here: http://forum.zdoom.org/potato.php?p=255594#255594 Thanks for the help Graf Zahl. Frosty
  2. Frost67

    MAP11 and MAP12 - Plutonia

    Sorry, didnt think to tell you that lol. Ok if i play through plutonia in ZDoom it all works fine until i get to the end of level 10 and step on the exit pad, the game then shows me the stats for level 10 and crashes to the desktop. If i try to load straight into level 11 or 12 it just starts zdoom for about a second then crashes to the desktop again without seeing the level. Any other levels are perfectly fine. Sorry for not being very descriptive in my 1st post.
  3. Frost67

    MAP11 and MAP12 - Plutonia

    Good Afternoon. I'm having problems loading these levels using ZDoom (im using the latest version of zDoom as far as i can tell). Is this a known problem? I've tried loading these same 2 levels through Doom95 which was supplied with the Doom Collectors edition i bought and that works fine. I used the same IWad with zDoom and Doom95. Does anyone else get this problem? I was thinking maybe i dont have the up to date version of the IWad, is there any way to check? Thanks for any advice or help! Frosty
  4. Ok thanks a lot, ill try this now!
  5. Exactly lol! I run doom95 once or twice, but i didnt like it so i got ZDoom, that seems to work OK. You say the .exe files are legal to download? where would i go to get these, any ideas? :) thanks a lot! Frosty
  6. Hello folks. I've been sitting here for a little while trying to work out how to watch doom speed demo's in (.lmp) format (mostly from the doom-wiki website). ive tried to watch them through ZDoom but i get something saying it would go out of sync badly. I've dome some searching and what seems to be the best way to watch them is to run doom.exe and use the command line parameter to make it load the demo file.. I understand how to do the command line thing from my research (also i can record demos and watch them in ZDoom myself) but what i'm confused at is what the location of doom.exe doom2.exe etc are so i can watch these amazing speed demos i have downloaded?? I bought the Doom collectors edition from GAME quite a while back because i had lost by old floppy disks, but i cant find any of the .exe files on the CD anywhere, it seems they have abandoned the .exe files for a front end called doom95 for windows. This is all well and good, but it appears i need the doom.exe or doom2.exe files to be able to view the demo files. Could anyone please give me a hand locating these files if they are needed. Or if they are not needed and i'm doing something a bit silly could you point it out! :) Thanks a lot for your time! Looking forward to a reply! Frosty
  7. I've read these forums on and off for ages, and this post is just something i have to reply to! I've been brought up with doom since a very young age, i was maybe 8-10 years old when i first played doom, and ive loved it ever since along with my brother (2 years younger) who plays multiplayer with me a lot. After reading the name of this topic it made me remember the nicknames i first gave the monsters when i was very you. They make me chuckle today - some of them were the noises they make. Although i find the nicknames funny, whats even worse is that ive been playing doom for up to 10 years now and i still dont know the real names for a few of the bad guys! Anyway, enough of the babble, heres some of the nicknames i remeber. Demon - Pinky Mancubus - oomba-waah Heavyweapon dude - fatty Cyberdemon - runnnn (shouted down the corridoor between my brother and I) Cacodemon - Hissing face i'm sure there were more but i cant remember... cheers for making the post, i really love it. Frosty
  8. Frost67

    Found an illustrated doom story

    also play through the doom wad he made. all 30 doom2 levels remade, and they're big!
  9. http://toastytech.com/doomguys/index.html some bits i found quite funny
  10. Frost67

    How much DOOM shit do you own?

    I've noticed that no-one has mentioned something I have. a WADS of WADS CD (1994) Just wondered if anyone else had it thats all. It contains about 1100 wads for doom 2. Althoguh It was my fathers and I cant work out even how to get them working....any help would be appreciated! lol I'll attempt to add a scanned image of the CD and things later, I need my fathers laptop to use the scanner. Thanks Frost
  11. Frost67

    Good Old Doom

    Oh dear, what a shame that is ¬_¬ Thanks for all the help you 3, was such a good program cant believe it died! Frost
  12. Frost67

    Good Old Doom

    oh no :(, doom connector is gone?? Surely people still use it though? I used to have a few mates that played all different launchers, skulltag, zdoom, legacy and the what not. Does anyone still have an install file for this out there? I'd really love to have doom connector back again. I have nothing against Skulltag Wild but I like the idea of having it all wrapped up in 1 thing instead of having to launch seperate clients every time. thanks a lot! Frost
  13. Frost67

    Good Old Doom

    Hiya, wow thanks for the quick reply!! When you say you have re-downloaded DB, is that Doom Builder? Isnt that a seperate program from Doom Connector? I think it was called doom connector, with the lobbys and stuff whre you can launch games from all the different programs such as Zdoom legacy skulltag. I cant seem to get the Code Imps Doom Connector download to work. Can anyone check this link for me? and try the little Download button for Doom connector? http://www.codeimp.com/connector_info.php Thanks so much again! Frost (PS yes i agree i think maybe i did accidently put this in the wrong section by the looks of things! sorry :\)
  14. Frost67

    Good Old Doom

    Hiya people, I've been away for ages. A year maybe from online doom and now i've suddenly got the urge to play it again! (the game cant be beaten by any new game) The only problem is ive been trawling the internet for about 2 hours searching for a download for doom connector but with absolutely no success, even "code Imp" website's download for doom connector is broken (or is it just me). I think ive got links for all other things eg. Skulltag, Legacy, Zdeamon and all them others. Anyway I was wondering if any of you wonderful lot would be so kind as to send me a link, or even send me the file via MSN or something? If anyone is willing to help my msn is Frost_mir@hotmail.com (I will be eternally greatful!!!) Thanks so much for any help! Frost P.S. Hope to be fragging away happily along with you lot soon!