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  1. Balos

    difficulty/slaughter maps rant

    I recommend lowering the difficulty level. There's no shame in not playing on Ultra-Violence. relevant xkcd: https://xkcd.com/359/
  2. Balos

    Things in Doom we've accepted

    I'll nominate bfg mechanics as a thing that's highly unintuitive at first, but you just get used to after a while and stop questioning why it works this way. Especially the part where you can kill monsters that are not even close to where you fired the weapon by running next to them before the ball hits something.
  3. Balos

    cg.wad: mini challenge map

    I experienced this too. It's strange because I actually killed almost everything on UV by waiting at the start (it's a safe spot), and it was possible to move around the room even if very laggy. But everything completely froze after using that switch. edit: Looked at in the editor. Apparently that mystery switch is a crusher trigger for most of the level. That certainly would explain the slowdown <.<
  4. Balos

    The first wad you ever played.

    +1 for the random shovelware map long before the days of accessible Internet.
  5. Balos

    No saves

    Technically resurrect is already something that comes with the game. Ever try playing coop? You need to use a source port if you want permanent death. Honestly I think if you're fine with frequent saving, resurrect shouldn't be that big a deal. Both remove replaying earlier parts of a level. Save/load is better suited to retrying an ambush from the beginning properly, whereas after using resurrect most enemies would be dead already, effectively skipping the obstacle. If you die to a ninja chaingunner/stray revenant rocket they're pretty much the same.
  6. Balos

    Starcraft 2 is worth the buy, I said it

    You're one of those people who won't touch Steam either? Your loss. Myself I bought the CE because it's evident this game will have a lot of lasting value. The single player is just icing - after a playthrough or two there will still be endless content in custom maps, mid-level multiplayer and following the pro scene.
  7. Balos

    Dumbest/Cheapest ways to die

    This. And everything else involving rocket launchers. Such as safely sniping something by firing around into a corner.
  8. Balos

    running diagonal left!

    Switching to letters helped for me (z instead of alt for strafe) before I started to use mouse fulltime. My current keyboard has no such trouble, though. In addition to alt+shift+any combination of arrows, stuff like 3/4 arrows simultaneously in ITG/Stepmania is possible.
  9. Balos

    Annoying pop-up on these boards

    Amen. I wouldn't have actively searched for this thread and added that site to the block list if the ads hadn't been completely ridiculous. It might be okay at once per session or something, but every page view wtf.
  10. Balos

    Plutonia 2 bugs ?

    I got this with one vilejump (with the aid of the vile in front of the blue door) playing in Zdoom. Two smaller jumps is possible too if you don't get it just right with one. There's also blue armor and another soulsphere in the level to allow a few attempts. That probably wasn't the intention, though, and might as well do something about it with the other changes. My biggest flaw so far was in MAP05 when at the start of the level with green armor and stairs I climbed to the ledge on the right, moving towards the blue key and jumped over to the dead cacodemon (just running that is, not source port specific jumping - this looked like a potential place for a secret before you ask). You can fall to the water from here and not get back up. Since all the other entry points into the background lake are marked impassable, I don't see why not patch this one up as well.
  11. Diablo is very moddable. Funny screens by the way :) Median is perhaps the most popular large scale conversion with dozens of skill replacements, new items and areas with their own bosses, etc. The latest version "Median XL" was released only a bit over a week ago. I've not really tried Diablo mods myself either (only gotten a few characters through the unmodded game on hell, so there's enough things to do as it is), but this looks like content for weeks if you're bored at the base game.
  12. Balos

    2 very random doom questions

    The title screen seems to be this picture mirrored and then altered, which would explain the arm. As for why it was flipped, I suspect they'd rather hide the "M" with the tall cyber than the "D" because the vertical size of the title screen is much shorter.
  13. Well, that'd probably put even more emphasis on the theme of constricted spaces :)
  14. Random fanmade wads 100%. Good, bad, old, new, short or long, depending on the mood and gameplay settings. Preferably no gimmicky scripts, but most other stuff is fine. This poll appears to be awfully broken though... Lots of ghost votes for Slige (which is pretty boring anyway imho).
  15. That was certainly a lot of megaspheres. One third or something of those would probably have been enough :P It was occasionally a bit confusing to see when and where new switches appeared, and which ones would need to be hit again. But.. mostly it was linear enough to prevent too much wandering around aimlessly. A fine effort.