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  1. proff_fs

    Finally: Doom Is Legal in Germany Now

    Well, it is relevant if it's on the index, because you can't order it from Amazon.co.uk for example. I tried. Left 4 Dead for example won't be shipped to Germany. But for anything which is just 18+ and cut in germany amazon.co.uk works very well and is often cheaper :)
  2. proff_fs

    PrBoom 2.5.0 released

    It does, this one line doesn't do the whole thing justice. Basically the whole software render core was replaced. You can select filters in software mode like linear and rounded. Just check the options in the menu (last page or so).
  3. proff_fs

    prboom Issues Thread

    I just fixed the transparency bug. The fix will be included in the next version.
  4. proff_fs

    PrBoom 2.4.6 Released

    Yeah, but this is different, entryway just removed the whole delay and because of that the end sound was gone. I now just wait until the end sound has finished playing.
  5. I would say all those precision problems come from rw_distance and R_ScaleFromGlobalAngle and all calculations based on it. If this could be rewritten without using angles and with proper clipping at the right places, then the wobbling, the near wall distortions and the rendering bugs with tall sectors could all be solved.
  6. proff_fs

    Final Attempt to Get Heretic/Hexen GPL'd

    I definitely support this, and I'm sure cph does as well.
  7. proff_fs

    prboom Issues Thread

    This reminds me that I wanted to add this to PrBoom 2.4 as well. I forgot it while I was porting stuff from PrBoom 2.3. Thanks Quasar!
  8. 1 and 2 — Why glboom: - Curiosity — Could it be done at all? - Speed — Back then everything above 320x200 was too slow, nowadays current computers hardly break in sweat at 1280x960 or even 1600x1200. - Some people favor bilinear filtered textures 3 and 4: Bugs! Why still have two exes on windows? Because some people are still in stone age and don't have opengl32.dll which is required for glboom.exe even if you only want to use software mode.
  9. proff_fs

    Odd problem in PrBoom/PrBoom+

    Right click on the SDL.dll and choose properties, there must be a tab with version numbers.
  10. proff_fs

    Odd problem in PrBoom/PrBoom+

    Which versions do you use of each engine and which SDL version. It's definitely related to palette changes, but it might also be related to how it's used.
  11. proff_fs

    Odd problem in PrBoom/PrBoom+

    I also saw this once. Does it happen in windowed mode? Start with -window.
  12. proff_fs

    PrBoom 2.4.4 released

    I plan to add support for Gamma correction for OpenGL which uses the hardware color correction. For now you may be able to set this in your graphics card settings. Generally the lighting in OpenGL is not as in software mode, this is because the lighting is not varying by distance like it does in software mode, I plan to work on this, but have no estimate to when or if at all it will be fixed.
  13. proff_fs

    PrBoom 2.4.4 released

    Hehe, this time we didn't want to make the same mistakes as with 2.3.x :) So we release quite often. This also lead to a bit more motivation. I mostly worked on getting things imported from 2.3.x. Almost everything which is worth merging got merged, the next part is the improved software renderer, but that is quite a bit of work, as I would like to make it more clean than in 2.3.x. Colin Phipps did great work on compatibility, savegames and general cleanup. Entryway helped porting bits and pieces from PrBoom+ and pestered me to fix some things (hi-res speedups). And Neil approached me exactly at the time I got my Mac — absolutly perfect timing. So here it goes: Thanks Quasar! This would fit better to PrBoom+, which is now regulary updated to the latest PrBoom version as well. Thanks to everyone! I often thought about abandoning PrBoom, but I stayed with it and it finally pays off. The last few weeks I got more feedback than all the years before. This alone was worth it.
  14. proff_fs

    PrBoom 2.4.4 released

    Changes from v2.4.3 to v2.4.4 - Don't fail when a texture name can't be looked up - Increased several limits - Thanks to entryway and RjY - Increased number of sidedef limit to 65534 - Increased number of vertexes limit to 65535 - Fixed crash when crossing sectors with very big height differences - fix crash on E4M8 - New command-line options for setting a window (-window) or fullscreen (-nowindow) mode temporarily. - The maximal supported resolution is increased from 1600x1200 to 2048x1536 - GLBoom will use the closest supported resolution when running fullscreen - The "RUN" key inverts the autorun state - Live monsters are highlighted in a different colour on the iddt-automap - Fixed OpenGL sky rendering in Requiem and Memento Mori - The "Show coordinates of automap pointer" setting works now - merged many cleanups and fixes from PrBoom 2.3 - fix translucency map file handle leak - fix consistency failures in netgames - prevent crashes at 800x600 caused by rounding errors with naive clipping - fixed slowdown at 1024x768 on some systems - ability to play tasdoom demos directly - -solo-net option is a shortcut for one-player network games - emulate spechit overflows for dosdoom and tasdoom compatibility - made several cleanups and fixes
  15. proff_fs

    PrBoom 2.4.3 released

    Changes from v2.4.2 to v2.4.3 - Massive speed improvements in higher resolutions taken from Eternity. — Thanks to SoM and Quasar!!! - fix bugs in gameplay occuring with gcc-4.1 - Mac OS X: Add "Show Game Folder" to menus, for easy installation of new game wads - Mac OS X: Disable games in popup menu whose wads cannot be found - fix compilation warnings - tidy up configure script It should now work on Windows 98 out of the box and it ships with SDL 1.2.9 so it should be fullscreen at 320x200. Please report any problems. Regards, Florian Schulze