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  1. Per-Scan

    Looking for an old thread

    Thanks for the links guys. I'm not entirely which of these threads it was but there's certainly a fair bit of reading for me regardless! :)
  2. ^ That would be nice. :) I've tried using Xpadder as you can set pretty much anything with that but for some reason it seems to cause probs with Doom EX. For instance, the Dpad becomes 'overly sensitive' and skips past 2 entries when navigating the game menu... and it didn't really seem to make any difference when changing the dead zone. I still had the 'turning' issue regardless of changes in Xpadder.
  3. Just wondering if it would be possible to add a 'dead zone' slider for the controller? I've got 2 360 controllers and one pulls slightly to the left and holds that direction if I slightly push the stick and I've got a brand new one that pulls to the right in the same fashion! Dead zone sliders in the emulators that I use (1964 etc) and in (G)ZDoom solve this issue for me...
  4. Per-Scan

    ISO Doom 64 TC FAQ

    Cool & thanks! Bookmarked for future reference. :)
  5. Still getting the error. I'll upload the file when I can get to my computer.
  6. Here you go: <a href='http://www.sendspace.com/file/khgnr8'>http://www.sendspace.com/file/khgnr8</a> I've had errors with all 4 of these saves. The last one pertains to the above error report. :)
  7. I'm using the latest build put up in this thread but I still can't save games without some error upon reloading. Here's the latest one: I_XInputInit: Initializing XInput API Z_Init: Init Zone Memory Allocator CON_Init: Init Game Console M_LoadDefaults: Loading Game Configuration W_Init: Init WADfiles. M_Init: Init miscellaneous info. I_Init: Setting up machine state. R_Init: Init DOOM refresh daemon. P_Init: Init Playloop state. G_Init: Setting up gamestate D_Init: Init DOOM parameters NET_Init: Init network subsystem. D_CheckNetGame: Checking network game status. S_Init: Setting up sound. ST_Init: Init status bar. V_InitGL: Starting OpenGL GL_VENDOR: NVIDIA Corporation GL_RENDERER: GeForce Go 7950 GTX/PCI/SSE2 GL_VERSION: 2.1.2 GL Extension: GL_ARB_multitexture = true GL Extension: GL_EXT_multi_draw_arrays = true GL Extension: GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object = true GL Extension: GL_EXT_fog_coord = true GL Extension: GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two = true GL Extension: GL_ARB_vertex_program = true GL Extension: GL_ARB_fragment_program = true GL Extension: GL_ARB_texture_env_add = true GL Extension: GL_ARB_texture_env_combine = true ********* ERROR ********* P_UnArchiveMobjs: Mobj read is inconsistent Also, would it be possible for an autorun option to be added to the menu (and/or launcher) and then saved to the config rather than having to switch it on every time I start a game? I don't know if it's just me but sometimes the mouse scroll weapon change is a little sluggish. Apart from the savegame issues I have to say how impressed I am. It's really getting there. PS: Do you intend to port over your outcast levels from Absolution? :)
  8. Per-Scan

    ROTT TC Demo Released - UPDATED

    I'm going to set up a Return of the Triad game tonight at 21:00. I'm using GZDoom r1124 found here (I've found it to be the most stable): http://svn.drdteam.org/gzdoom/ I'm setting up a 2 player game but if anyone else wants to join in either post in the Comm-Bat thread at the ROTT Forum (see my sgnature) thread or use this IRC channel: irc://ircnet/ROTT As I mentioned before I find Firefox with Chatzilla the easiest way to get on an IRC channel. It's simple with a clear GUI. Hope to see some of you guys!
  9. Per-Scan

    Corridor 7: Alien Invasion TC

    I saw this error but I actually thought it was the fault of my installation as I've had funny glitches with a few games of late... Ah well, at least someone else was wise enough to point it out. :)
  10. Per-Scan

    ROTT TC Demo Released - UPDATED

    How!? EDIT: In case anyone's interested we're getting together at 10pm GMT (about 10 mins from now!) for an online multiplayer game. If you want to play pop over to the ROTT forum at this link: http://rott.s4.bizhat.com/viewtopic.php?t=354&mforum=rott Hope to see you there! :)
  11. Per-Scan

    ROTT TC Demo Released - UPDATED

    And it's only matched by the TC itself.
  12. Per-Scan

    ROTT TC Demo Released - UPDATED

    Oooh! Christmas has come early for me. Thanks very much. :)
  13. Per-Scan

    Voxel Doom Port!

    Loving the big cunky boots on the rad suit. :)
  14. Per-Scan

    Corridor 7: Alien Invasion TC

    You're welcome. :)
  15. Per-Scan

    Corridor 7: Alien Invasion TC

    Just a heads up. Those first two links didn't work (file not found). I had to search for them and then they came up: http://files.drdteam.org/index.php/files/search/c7tccs http://files.drdteam.org/index.php/files/search/c7tcv And, yeah, I hope that Doomsday 2 will support Blake Stone. That would be pretty amazing! :)
  16. Per-Scan

    Heretic E3M8 music MP3 and remake download

    Yeah, there is a distinct lack of Heretic remixes which is a pity as it has some of the best music (better to my ear than even the mighty Doom!)of that era in it.
  17. Per-Scan

    Doom style comic?

    It's not necessarily a bad idea. It's just really vague. Which is ironic because that's all a Doom story needs to be... :)
  18. Per-Scan

    Voxel Doom Port!

    That's an interesting development. I hope this helps out the WinROTT guys as well - there's a whole bunch of voxels ready and waiting for that game too. :)
  19. Per-Scan

    Stronghold v1.0 released

    I think you just proved Aabra's point...
  20. Per-Scan

    Voxel Doom Port!

    But nothing cooler! :P
  21. Per-Scan

    Doom Wallpapers

    The new one's looking good so far. I like the punk/rock'n'roll look it's got. :)
  22. Just as an FYI; I wasn't suggesting you try micronaut One for reference. I just thought that if you like Herocore (as I do!) and you like first person monochrome aesthetics you may also like this long forgotten classic... :) Anyway, good to hear you are planning on refining this fine idea of yours...
  23. Per-Scan

    Who's your favorite Doom Monster?

    You wanna try fighting the bitch! My favourite by a mile is the Pinkie. I just love there determined simplicity. Kind of like the Dope Fish of the Doom world - Run, run, bite! A close second would be the Bull Demon for, obviously, the same reason though they aren't quite as cute!
  24. Per-Scan

    Wolf3D source ports?

    I have no problem running Wolf3dRedux either. I don't know why it would run too fast... ?
  25. It really reminds me of an old Speccy (Timex) game called Micronaut One. It was a monochrome first person perspective game where you drove about in a vehicle completing missions (like Tunnel B-1's grandad!). It's pretty much my favourite Spectrum game to date (being a Commodore guy!). I agree with most of what's been said here. Pain frames and a little more variation/definition in the textures would be good and since you can fly more height variation is a must really. That said, I do think there's loads of potenetial here for something really cool. Especially if this is what you can pull off in a week! Also, go download a Speccy emulator and Micronaut One. It's a classic! :)