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  1. BillyBlaze

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    Quake 1 reboot with Sandy Peterson and Hugo Martin in control.
  2. BillyBlaze

    I'm Glad Doom Eternal Is Hard

    I’m playing this on PS4 and it’s insane. Does anyone have a good link to some hardware I can buy to hook up a keyboard and mouse. It’s just impossible with a controller. Plus I’m old and the twitch reflexes I had in 1994 have long since gone 😆
  3. BillyBlaze

    Doom 3 In Wired

    I read some interview with Carmack a while back that he was wanting to take a bit more of a back seat in future titles. I guess what that means is he'll hand over the 'lead' stuff to someone else whilst he goes flying rockets or something :)
  4. BillyBlaze

    Interview with John Carmack!

    I love reading interviews with carmack cos he loses me after just a few words. heh, I also like thinking about his funny speech thing after every sentence. top guy tho.
  5. BillyBlaze

    A videogame survey

    Zaldron, you've got me confused. What does that mean? "Not a valid member of the sample"
  6. BillyBlaze

    Doom 2 Coming Soon

    The hard part is done. The DOOM engine has been ported (via the Jaguar source) to the AGB. All that remains an issue is ROM size. I suspect that the original AGB DOOM used an 8Mb cart and probably filled it up nicely. With all the new GFX, SFX and levels required in DOOM2 I'd say they have some nice compression happening. Can't wait.
  7. BillyBlaze

    A videogame survey

    Hi, I'm trawling around the net looking for game related sites and their members to complete a small survey on the state of videogames. If you're interested please visit http://wilfscorner.co.uk/updates/survey1.php There are some results at http://wilfscorner.co.uk/updates/surveyresults2.php and http://wilfscorner.co.uk/updates/surveyresults_graph.php Enjoy.
  8. BillyBlaze

    Another Kevin Cloud Interview

    All we care about is the new DOOM game and as usual there's chuff to talk of. These interviews are shite.
  9. BillyBlaze


    I clicked the link to see what folk thought of the picture and what do I see? Fucking religion. You make me sick.
  10. BillyBlaze

    Nilsson Interview

    Sveeeeeeeeeeden 0 Ingerland 3
  11. BillyBlaze

    History of Doom

    Stuck for something to write on your web page? Why not guess at the history of Doom and waste yet more web space. Buttini!
  12. BillyBlaze

    New Doom Platform Game

    Can't even download the fucker. The first decent looking thing in ages and it's shafted. Thankyou god.
  13. BillyBlaze

    New Doom Platform Game

    I'll bet a pound to a pinch of shit it won't run first time.
  14. BillyBlaze

    Doom The Movie

    Video games just don't translate into movies that well. There are few exceptions. For that matter movies don't translate too well into video games (Goldeneye et al excluded). Doom is such a cinematic experience in itself that people think it should naturally do well as an 1.5 hour movie. The fact is it pulls from several movie influences anyway. Aliens, Evil Dead, Predator etc could all be classed as a Doom movie. It works well as a video game. To send it down the path of Dungeons and Dragons, Mario Brothers, Mortal Kombat would be to trivialise it and, to be frank, ruin it.
  15. BillyBlaze

    Doom The Movie

    Doom: The Movie would have to be made for a generic audience. ie. Those that have and haven't played the game. Therefore I'd suggest pinching the essence of the game (alone, afraid, alien, hell, big guns...) and perhaps providing some backstory to colour it. To that end the script appears to work. It should however be quite a surreal affair and the best man for the job IMO died last year. Stanley Kubrick. Aside from that Shinya Tsukamoto (Tetsuo, TetsuoII-Iron Man) should have a bash. I thank you.