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  1. [QnB]Death

    Early Halloween Flash movie (NON DOOM RELATED)

    U know what a prank is right? A flash movie that goes and then eventully a REALLY REALLY REALLY scary face apperes. Well im easy to scare and last time i saw a prank i had a nightmares for 2 weeks straight. Seirously for 2 weeks i woke up screaming. SO is this a prank?
  2. [QnB]Death

    Doom Comic?

    Sometimes the picture ontop of the Doomworld sign is a pic of a doom marine screaming and punching a ...thingy. Then when u highlitght it it says: Doom comic? Where can you get this??
  3. [QnB]Death


    That will never be right. Stupid Bastereds.
  4. [QnB]Death


    HOLY POOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE GREATEST ARTISTS I HVE EVER SEEN!!! Lucky bums with there stupid Wonderful talents. lol
  5. [QnB]Death


    Nice on Dark Fox. :P Xanthier you are a really good atist.
  6. [QnB]Death


    Err These Are REALLY crap. But what the hell. I made monsters and what they would look like if Doom was a cartoon. http://artpad.art.com/?ioo0vubl7is The Spider Mastermind, http://artpad.art.com/?ioo13c11z24c Cacodemon, (This was the easiest) http://artpad.art.com/?ioo1bu11mum4 Pain Elementul, http://artpad.art.com/?ioo1hs6hwzk The Icon Of Sin, http://artpad.art.com/?ioo1syuhr7o Fattie!!! Lol. Mancuboes. I'll post more later. If you want to use the program I did here is the link: http://artpad.art.com/artpad/painter/ EDIT: From Now on You are ALSO allowed to post Heretic and Hexen Pictures too.
  7. [QnB]Death

    A Weaird Face

    Thanks For All The Faces Fraggle. By the way nice Cacofish. :P
  8. [QnB]Death

    A Weaird Face

    Lol. Can someone put on attacments of ALL the faces? I mean, there is one when u are normal, when u have nose bleed etc..... Plz? I have always wanted to see the last one.
  9. [QnB]Death

    A Weaird Face

    First time i saw that face was when i was 5, i well, Started crying. It screarded the shit out of me.
  10. [QnB]Death

    Music Makers

    I want a music maker for my 62 lvl mega wad. all of the other on doomworld downloads section dont work. Can anyone give me the link to a program i can download?
  11. [QnB]Death

    A Weaird Face

    When you pick up a health, but get hurt at the same time on doom classic, what the hell does that face mean?