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  1. rrwoods

    I Will Program Small Doom Utilities For You

    Not true; ammo is doubled on Nightmare!. Unless for some reason -fast -respawn doubles ammo even though individually they don't.
  2. rrwoods

    Baron HD

    I'm not a photoshop master either but I do remember a tutorial that might be of help. The effect on the legs looks flat because the shading doesn't match the texture; if you look at a real animal, the fur's shape will match that of the animal. So what you want is something that offsets the pattern a certain distance based on the shading you've applied, and I believe I saw something about that... http://www.photoshopcafe.com/tutorials/dispmap/dispmap.htm
  3. rrwoods


    On that topic: "So wait, your name is Dick Woods?" ... Yeah. Male here, if it wasn't already obvious :-P
  4. I can beat ev17-308... I know I can... I've got a couple minor route adjustments (nothing drastic really) and I'm not really satisfied with mistakes. As long as those two revs before the blue key room go down and the stupid AV in the blue key room freaking stands still... But there's so much that can go wrong here :-(. The monsters keep finding new ways to frustrate me! Random wandering chaingunners can really put a damper on your day here.
  5. rrwoods


    Ah, I hadn't seen that before installing the fix. I actually now have real control over whether I want an application to use a specific graphics card, which is nice. Good to know there's a software workaround as well though. Remains to be seen whether it causes Putrefier to work yet, I'll have time to check that out a bit later. EDIT: Sweet, I see sprites and beautiful texturing!
  6. rrwoods


    http://forum.drdteam.org/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=6038 The Samsung Series 7 causes OpenGL applications to use the onboard graphics card, and there is no solution out-of-the-box. They have released a fix (as mentioned in that thread), we'll see if it helps at all. This explains why turning off OpenGL in GZDoom (vid_renderer 0) will cause the textures to work properly; it's probably switching to my dedicated card. Again, don't know if this is what Kirby is experiencing but maybe.
  7. rrwoods


    I had to turn off the GL renderer :-/ Will that ruin any special effects on this map?
  8. rrwoods


    Running doom2 works fine. I've tried fullscreening and reducing the resolution, together and separately. I notice in the console that it's picking up my onboard graphics card though (GL_RENDERER: MOBILE INTEL(R) HD GRAPHICS), and I've got an AMD Radeon HD 6490M. Any way I can tell gzdoom to use a different graphics card? (Don't know if this is what Kirby is experiencing)
  9. rrwoods


    Apologies for the necro but I think this thread is the best place for my question. When I load up this map, I think that all Things in the map are invisible. What I'm seeing is that when I climb the short rounded staircase, I get a shotgun from nowhere, I hear an imp or three wake up, and then suddenly I'm being assaulted by a chaingunner I can't locate. If I fire into the doors that opened I hear a monster being wounded but there isn't any there. My command line is: gzdoom -nomusic -iwad doom2 -file pwads\ma_put\ma_put.pk3 from the directory containing gzdoom 1.7.0 and DOOM2.WAD, as well as the directory pwads. (Sorry if there's amazing music... music ruins the experience for me in Doom :-/) Screenshot of the opening room:
  10. 200-e1m8: http://userpages.umbc.edu/~woorich1/doom_mmh_e1m8_200h_0015431.zip "MMH" I guess, since you have to take damage in the ending room you could argue that the best score you can get here is 10. Maybe that would be the idea here: Use the barrels at the beginning to get to exactly 10%, and then play the rest of the level damage-free? Who knows, the rules for MMH are irrelevant at this point anyway :-P
  11. rrwoods

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Gotcha :-) I'll probably stick to emailing, unless you also follow the Misc thread.
  12. http://userpages.umbc.edu/~woorich1/doom_mmh_e1m7_190h_0074057.zip This is hard. I might be eating my words on this one: 200-e1m7 might possibly be harder than 200-r1m4. I don't even want to think about 200-r1m7... Satisfied with 190 for now. Hitting that soul sphere unscathed is *difficult*. The rest of the level is honestly not that hard, I have done everything post-supercharge without taking any hits on several occasions. Just have to do it in the same run as getting to the soul sphere unscathed!
  13. That's what I thought. Also true. Most MMH ends up being reality anyway, except that you also need to find the soul sphere/megasphere/all the health potions. I like the options MMH could possibly give you on a level where you're required to take damage: which health pickups to get before taking damage, which ones to get after; etc.
  14. Random question (maybe this deserves its own thread if there's enough discussion) -- If there was a database specifically for MMH demos, would there be interest? Probably with the same categories as COMPET-N: speed, max, pacifist, respawn, fast, nm, etc. I don't have the swath of free time necessary to set such a database up at the moment, but I'm seriously considering it for the future if there's interest. I'd probably call it MMH-N :-P EDIT instead of a quad-post :-P -- http://userpages.umbc.edu/~woorich1/doom_mmh_e1m6_200h_0054111.zip -- 200-e1m6, 5:41.
  15. NOPE http://userpages.umbc.edu/~woorich1/doom_mmh_e1m4_200h_0005289.zip this run is a miracle. Basically everything that could have gone wrong in the last fifteen seconds did go wrong: The first rocket didn't kill the imp (who then hurled a fireball at me), the demon tried to block my way, the yellow door bug happened for a good 3 seconds... and yet, somehow, I'm still intact at the ending. I ended up changing the route just a tad; it's faster to get the third rocket by saving it instead of taking it from the secret room (and besides, rocketing the shotgunner proved more luck-based than pistoling him). MMH might not be a COMPET-N category anymore but I'm extremely proud of this recording. I'd still love to see someone smash it with a :45 though. EDIT: minor updates to text file, had the date/time wrong. same link should still work.