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  1. Actually it is done and in the Edge version of GoldenEye Doom2 Not to mention the new cool Beta2 of the Edge Version is also available. (I haven't got the chance to submit it to doomworld news section yet.)
  2. Does anyone know where I can find a wad that contains a rifle range that I could use in GE? I tried searching thru the idgames but didn't find anything. There has got to be a map that contains one, how do all those weapon modes test their stuff? -- NM
  3. I find that kindof hard to believe, since alot of the PS2 games are easily copied and revenue is lost.
  4. The Modus Gate is pretty darn good I think.
  5. Syria is the country that suposively is supplying the insurgents with all those nasty rocket propelled gernades.
  6. Very nice drawing! Actually a lot of stuff I drew with MSPaint for GoldenEye Doom2 :-P
  7. My bro compiled some city levels into Ghetto Doom. Available at GE Download page.
  8. Looking Good! Just out of curosity what gun has a drum on it in Wolf? The only thing close is the MG38? Is this going to be added?
  9. Thats why I code for 1.28a
  10. There is one in Freedoom. Freedoom actually has some really nice textures, some I think are better then the Doom ones. Though I can't say much for the sounds.
  11. The only problem I have with the new version is the OpenAL sound library. It doesn't seem to be very compatible with a lot of the onboard sound cards. Other than that the engine also appears to run a lot faster.
  12. RoTT ruled! In Edge its fairly easy to do. WildWeasel did a cool example.
  13. Where was this version?
  14. Edge its really easy. Here is an example from GE (attack.ddf): [PLAYER_KF7] ATTACKTYPE=SHOT; ATTACKRANGE=2808; SHOTCOUNT=1; DAMAGE.VAL=10; //<- Minimum damage DAMAGE.MAX=15; //<- Maximum damage ATTACK_HEIGHT=32; ACCURACY_ANGLE=5; ACCURACY_SLOPE=6; ENGAGED_SOUND=KF7; PUFF=PUFF;
  15. I thought it was made for Zdoom 1.22