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  1. Bryant

    Aww cmon more people here have to play doom3.

    Yah, I play Doom 3. I'm working on my next mod for it, so that'll keep me busy for awhile.
  2. Bryant

    What mod is this?

    It's the new Nintendo Gameboy DS. It's the one that has two screens (Duel Screen = DS.) You can use a little 'pen' (I forget the proper name) to touch the screens. It's really good with First Person Shooters, and that's why this game looks so promising.
  3. Bryant

    Grabber mod?

    Oooh. I'm trying that when I get home. You'd have to mod it so the DB Shotty does less, however. It's WAY to powerful (You knock a Pinky down in one shot!) Also, I'm not sure if there'll be many objects that'll work with the grabber, as I'm pretty sure everything for ROE is modified. Still, I'm gonna try it at home. Otherwise it'll take some pretty extensive scripting.
  4. Bryant

    After playing DooM 3...

    If you want it harder, I'll make you a mod. But yeah, that's one of the things I love most about Doom 3: it's sooooo easy to mod. All you need is WinRAR and Notepad. The atmosphere was really cool, and I thought everything looked very good. My favorite level was the first part of Delta Labs: No enemies attack you for five minutes. Now THAT was high tension! Speaking of the monorail, for some reason I love to go to that door at the end of the train hall after you crash: The noise behind it is just so...unsettling. Also in Nightmare, if you have over 25 it will decrease gradually until it gets there.
  5. Bryant

    WADs made by Women.....

    She has her own website?
  6. Bryant

    What mod is this?

    So...it would be safe to get an EMU and get the ROM for this, or would the author not appreciate that or something? Because it doesn't seem like they'll be any actual cartridges for the game. Either way, I will want to come up with a way to get this.
  7. Bryant

    Most Memorable Doom Experience

    I also remember the first time I saw that wacked out "Ouch!" face when I got crushed by the ceiling in Final Doom. It scared the hell out of me.
  8. I didn't make a map. All I did was take Immoral Conduct for ZDoom and change the sprites with weapons from Hacx, D64, and some other wads. I thought it was awesome, and I played it with Skulltag and Dwango and pretended the bots were my friends. It took me a while to realize that it blew nuts and that I have done Cory endless amounts of shame. I won't ask forgiveness because I don't deserve. Sorry, boiz.
  9. Bryant

    Did DOOM disappoint you?

    I wasn't disappointed at all because I wasn't expecting anything. I first played Hexen which is one of my favorite games of all time. I don't know how I found out, but someone told me the same people made this one game called 'Doom.' So when I'm at Sam's Club the next time with my mom, we buy Final Doom. 6 years old, played it, loved it. 7 years later I pick up on Doom again, and I haven't stopped since.
  10. Bryant

    Question About Soundtrack for a Specific WAD

    Soundtrack...? I'm not sure it has a soundtrack. I think it's just a bunch of random MIDIs...is that it? Do you want the MIDIs?
  11. Bryant

    Intellivision doom!

    I would give props to the person who made this (if it was real) for wasting so much/little(?) time on something so obviously crappy.
  12. Bryant

    What mod is this?

    Looks interesting, nonetheless. Would it be illegal to get an emulator and then use it's a ROM, or is it just plain illegal transferring games to ROM format period?
  13. Bryant

    No more sound...?

    Ok, I feel lame now. All I had to do was get rid of the .cfg file so it audodetected the right MIDI driver. Ungh. Sorry for wasting time. Thanks anyways, though.
  14. Bryant

    Most Memorable Doom Experience

    My first Doom experience was with Plutonia, when I was 6. I wasn't scared at all, because for some reason I just thought "they're just pixals." I sucked massively at it, of course. However, there were two memorable experiences I had with it. Since I was using Doom95, I could go to any level I liked. I went to level 31, "Cyber Den." I thought it was pretty cool with 4 Cyberdemons, and I was having a hell of a time trying to kill one of them. Me and my 10 year older friend would save the game when the Cyber had it's back to us. Then we'd load the game and laugh at it's huge "dino-butt." However, I thought the song for that level was really awesome, so it was a cool experience. The other one was playing TNT at level 29, "River Styx." That song also sounded awesome, and it was that level that made me look at Doom differently.
  15. Bryant

    What mod is this?

    Really? How would I get it, from a download? I didn't know the DS would have that much on-line support.