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  1. Nimrod

    episode 4

    when can i get it?
  2. Nimrod

    monsters weapon

    nope. the spider mastermind has a superchaingun that shoots faster that the players chaingun.
  3. Nimrod

    doom 1 secret levels

    guys if you can just tell me how to get to the secret levels of episode 2 and 3 without codes. thnx anyway
  4. Nimrod

    monsters weapon

    but imagine how great it would be if you could just blow off marines using archvile attack... and maybe for geting ammo for each weapon you need to to stand on dead monsters bodies and its automaticly turns them into ammo... oh yea... it really awakes my apetite. if i could only find someone that will make that for me
  5. just had a great idea for new weapons. when you can have all of the enemies fireballs/weapons- 1. imp's fireball 2. cacodemon's fireball 3. hell knight/baron of hell fireball 4. arachnotron's plazma ball 5. pain elemental's lost-soul-spiting 6. revenent's missile 7. mancubus fireball 8. some weapon that allows you to burn monsters and revive other ppl, like the archvile can. 9. spider mastermind's chaingun 0. switch between the zoombie/sargent/heavy weapon dude/cyberdemon weapon. what do you think? :}
  6. Nimrod

    whats your fav doom I/II level?

    Forgot to mention that i really like dead simple. probably the coolest and simplest map in the game, i think thats how all shooting games should be. why the heck do we need a plot for a shooting game?! its suposed to be a shooting game, blat damit, not a drama movie.
  7. Mine is spirit world. whats yours?
  8. Nimrod


    Whoy there! There was a time when i saw a DOOM II walkthrough movie I remembar it was something like 30 minuts but i lost it, blat dammit. if any of you guys know what im talking about, gimme the link- i really need it!