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  1. Dashiva

    im alive!

    Weird stuff, eh?
  2. Dashiva

    Requiem 2

    Er. Don't mind me, but that was a very.. um.. How do I say this? GEEK CITY?? Hello, moron, I don't care what he said or did, you "shattered" a bunch of fucking text. CONGRADULATIONS! I HOPE THEY GIVE YOU A FUCKING PLAQUE FOR IT TO. Do you feel better now? Too bad that shattering him doesn't add 4 inchs to your penis, otherwise you might have became a real man. As for that other dude who likes to steal shit without permission, yah, um, you're a fucking wanker. I mean, usually I would jump at the chance to piss AdamW off because, well, he pisses me off all the time by stealing my records and claiming to be the first one to do it. ;) But you know, you don't steal other peoples work when they say you don't have permission, it's just fucking pathetic. If you're too lazy to do your own work with your own ideas, then by all means, GO PLAY WITH SOME FUCKING LEGOS. /me out.
  3. Dashiva

    ZDaemon Switching Ports?

    "As Far As I know." He was speculating, and not only that, his statement was true. Man, don't you feel like a jackass now?
  4. Dashiva

    ZDaemon Switching Ports?

    ...right.... Well, how about that. Doom is going "next". It's called Doom 3. I don't know what you concider evolving, but it's something that EVERYONE should be a part of. So, if you don't mind, I say that Nightfang should both continue with the current Zdaemon, based off Zdoom, because Heretic and Hexen in a CS port is VERY important, their communities are starving and they are both very worthy games.. And I also think you should do one based off Prboom, because Zdoom is shitty for multiplayer doom. However, voting for both renders my opinion invalid, so I'm not voting.
  5. Dashiva

    Lüt = not dead

    Archvile: Because he's stupid. When your life revolves around text on the internet and somebody hurts your text based feelings it's often hard to come to grips with stuff. But sure, you're pathetic for not feeling cheated because the internet isn't your entire life. :P
  6. Dashiva


    AndrewB wasn't being mean, nor cruel; he was being realistic. 95% OF ALL PROJECTS DO DIE OUT. This project shows all signs of being one of those, however, I'd love to see him prove me wrong. Only argue this point after it's been released.
  7. Dashiva

    Compet-N Update

    Who ever said I came back?
  8. Dashiva

    Compet-N Update

  9. Dashiva


    Ebola: "Answer that and stay fetishable." I read it that way the first time, damn, new years alcohol rocks. :P Hey, maybe sometime me and you can do a 30nm through av. or even a 30ns -nomonsters is the biggest revelation in doom since.. .well, um.. since they discovered IDKFC. which stands for "I.D. that bloody KFC", because they didn't know if the chicken was real or not, so they had to double check to make sure. so they ID'd it. It also gives you all keys and weapons, well, I guess the weapons are for you to shoot illegal/fake KFC, and the keys are so you can get access to the porn that was in the KFC's lockers. After you killKFC, you get whatever it owned. They are quire horny kfc, so you get lot's opf porn or so I hear....
  10. Dashiva


    Andy... Just wanted to let you know that you're my hero. And you know, a little redesign on map07 and map30 would make my skill 5 pacifist run a bit easier. See, I used to have a hard time with pacifist, then I found out about the -nomonsters parameter. Really helps a lot, and it's not listed in the cheat codes section, so it must be valid.
  11. Dashiva


    Woah, my mom's on POTD. wicked!
  12. Dashiva


    Hey, I contributed 29 maps to this project, I demand some credit. :P ~~~ haha ,yah, sure. :)
  13. Dashiva

    Green Blood In Italy

    What the hell ever happened to freedom of opinion? -- If you don't like the console or the games that are being made for it or whatever then don't buy them. -- And he has the right to say whatever the hell he wants about it too. It's called OPINION. Stopping being a bunch of show off "look at me knock down my fellow doomer for having a different opinion" idiots and just move on. If you don't like his opinion, then tough, different people are different and they express different opinions. So shove a cork in your ass. Get out of my way. and STOP WITH THE WHINING.
  14. Dashiva

    Twice Risen Down?

    Dude, I'm an ass most of the time. So you know it's REALLY bad when I say that your pretty hopeless and retarded.
  15. Dashiva

    The /newstuff Chronicles #50

    Are you describing Alien Vendetta? That's a bitch on ITYTD, well... the two levels I played anyway.