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  1. Splatter

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Romero did a good job with the WADs he released in the past couple years, and working with the original Doom was fine to get back into the swing of mapping, but a whole episode of it seems overly geared toward nostalgia. We all know how much the Doom II monsters spice up combat.
  2. Splatter

    Jim Flynn

    He was very creative to come up with his unique puzzle & exploration-themed maps. RIP.
  3. Splatter

    Where does The Ultimate Doom's Episode 4 Takes Place

    Episode 3's end text certainly doesn't say "episode 4 takes place on Earth." Episode 4 wasn't thought up until after Doom and Doom II were released. The original game's ending says that the protagonist will return to Earth, and shows Earth suffering an apparent demonic invasion. The story section in Doom II's manual picks up that thread with Doomguy arriving back on Earth (though it takes the perspective he got back via drop pod) and learning about the demonic invasion, eventually seguing into map 01. There's no unaccounted time in between games. Furthermore, Doom II's text screens tell us that the entryway for the invasion was map 20. Like Woolie Wool said, they're just a set of levels. There's no intended story, aside from E4M7, which comes from Dr. Sleep's Inferno series and is actually supposed to be about Dante looking for Beatrice in Hell. Which is not to say that a player couldn't create a story in his head if it makes them more enjoyable.
  4. Splatter

    things YOU do in doom that annoy you

    I kill all the monsters instead of trying to understand them and find common ground.
  5. Splatter

    Why are the new Hellknights...

    Yeah, that was from the first of the original Doom novels, which also had Cacodemons be the ones who put up the Baron corpses in E2M8. But I like your interpretation of them.
  6. Splatter

    Seinfeld.wad - Jerry's Apartment: A DOOM II .wad!

    It's very fitting. I mean, you're a Doom Marine biologist, aren't you?
  7. Splatter

    Asian Doom Clones?

    The third map of Deus Vult II is Asian-themed.
  8. Splatter

    How far can one go before it's considered plagiarism?

    There's a degree of subjectivity. One of the only universal standards is that you've gone too far when American McGee tells you to go make some of your own geometry.
  9. Splatter

    So, which Doomguy name do you prefer?

    Dan Doomington.
  10. Splatter

    Doom cake

    That's one doomed cake marine.
  11. Splatter

    Favorite DOOM 1-2 sound tracks?

    The Cybie theme, Nobody Told Me about id. It does a great job of building up menace, before exploding into action.
  12. Splatter

    How is Doom Dumb?

    I don't think Doom would be as fun without the atmosphere, the level design, and even the plot. Plenty of games where you have a shotgun and are supposed to kill stuff aren't fun at all.
  13. Splatter

    How is Doom Dumb?

    I yelled "Dumbass says what?" in Doom's direction, and Doom looked around and said "what?"
  14. Splatter

    Why do so many people hate Doom 3?

    The sound design is more than half bad, with a distinct lack of ambiance in the audio logs. System Shock managed this, as well as options for text logs (great for those with trouble hearing) and terse logs (great for those who want to get right back to the action). If Doom 3 was going to imitate this element, id should have executed it at least as well. Posts from 2004 are still readable, you know. It's pointless to pretend everyone was saying "this is awesome" and not "isn't there any duct tape on Mars?" Half-Life 2 and Halo 2 were the real FPS darlings of the year.
  15. Splatter

    Why do so many people hate Doom 3?

    I'm very open to video game series changing direction. If the devs wanted to let Doom 3 have poor shooting action (and there should be no question that its shooting action is poor) and make an atmospheric horror game instead, that would be fine, so long as it executed its chosen direction well. It didn't. Doom 3's horror is paltry tricks from the local haunted house, poorly-written mandatory audio logs recited in sound booths, and Hell as Half-Life's Xen with a red skybox. The DOOM name, rather than causing the game to be criticized, is the only reason that failure got a second glance. When those guys at id Software said "let us make Doom 3 or fire us," the whole lot of them should have been canned.