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  1. *pretends its not a doublepost* ahem, I dont agree about that being 'the question mankind has been asking for centuries' everyone knows that question is really 'did you come??' and of course if she did you wouldnt be asking.
  2. mystic

    Post pics of your compdesk/workspace

    normally its a bit messy, piles of books and movies etc
  3. mystic

    Does New Doom ban Doomworld users?

    well, thankfully they dont use my toilet, a scary thought. I hope they remember to flush
  4. mystic

    I'm wanting to start a team.

    theres a game design college??? my flabber is severely gasted
  5. mystic

    Do the GZDooM have a 3D models?

    thanks steve, just what I needed too.
  6. mystic

    Does New Doom ban Doomworld users?

    Yes Doom_Dude, I am Plonker, I had forgotten my password for mystic so made a new account but as you can see I managed to track down my precious password now. I still pop over to newdoom sometimes just to keep up to date with legacy and see what projects are on the go. I have noticed that there are now a couple of forums specially for the sort of arguments that got me banned, politics and religion, so there has been progress.
  7. mystic

    Post pics of your compdesk/workspace

    ok for what its worth, heres mine http://members.lycos.co.uk/andymckie/desk01.jpg
  8. mystic

    I'm wanting to start a team.

    so if I was to ask folk to join a team to make a megawad using a mix of egyptian, tech and urban themes that would be ok ? because I can supply loads of textures and some maps. its a tempting idea, I meant to make such a megawad myself but 32 maps is a lot to make on my own especially if I want them all to be good. some would say even one map is a lot for me to make on my own, judged on my past releases but to be honest they were nearly all just test beds for the textures I was making.
  9. mystic

    A WIP wad for Legacy

    looks lovely, very nice work, I am impressed
  10. try gzdoom, seems to work fine for me. I gave skulltag a run and you were right, its really good, there were no servers running though so I never got the crap kicked out of me in a deathmatch yet
  11. mystic

    Does New Doom ban Doomworld users?

    I wasnt a newb and didnt have a clue what side was which, I was just angry at the wholesale banning of good members and mass deletion of interesting threads. It seemed that whenever a good argument got started the thread would just get closed or vanish and if you opened a similar one your ass was banned.
  12. mystic

    Outpost of Doom Strikes Yet Again

    ok, got that. So far it does indeed look nice (in gzdoom) but is very annoying for me as I never got into the habit of saving while playing. maybe Im just a bit rusty after so long away from the doom scene.
  13. poland moved to britain
  14. mystic

    Outpost of Doom Strikes Yet Again

    wahay Im first what exactly is 'italian doom' ?
  15. mystic

    Does New Doom ban Doomworld users?

    no, I dont think phoebus would ban anyone just for visiting doomworld, there is actually a rule on newdoom to stop any flaming against doomworld.