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  1. renagade

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    Forgive the bump, but the link for the 1.4.1 version has gone dead, could someone reupload it, please?
  2. renagade

    Once again... Wad hunting.

    Yeah, it was pretty much a recolored stone imp.
  3. renagade

    Once again... Wad hunting.

    Playing through map01 with one of the many 'weapon/enemy replacement' mods that are out there nowadays (mostly out of boredom and/or ideas for the couple of personal projects I have at the moment) and stumbled onto a set of sprites I haven't seen in quite some time. Stumbling across said set of sprites, it reminded me of a Level (Or level set, I don't quite remember) I played a while ago, consisting of a set of custom sprites (I believe there were sprite sets for The demon, the H. Knight, the B.o.H, the Pain Elemental and a at least 2 or so Imp-type enemies) as well as a set of custom textures that were rather colorful in nature. I believe 'alter' was also involved in some way with the Level set's title in some way (again, don't quite remember.) Does anyone happen to know what Pwad I'm talking about?
  4. renagade

    Looking for A certain Level.

    Yep, that's the one. Thank you.~
  5. renagade

    Looking for A certain Level.

    No no, the Wad in question had ACS Dialogue about various quotes from The Forum-goer.
  6. The level that I'm looking for was based around Mocking a Certain member of Doom World's Forums (I can't remember the entire name, started with a B) because of his dislike of most Projects/levels/etc, and centered around -WIDE- open spaces and Lag inducing Mobs of monsters. Does anyone happen to know the name of this .Wad?
  7. renagade

    Out of curiosity...

    Fair enough, thank you anyways.
  8. renagade

    Out of curiosity...

    I see, well thank you Gez. And just one more question: Do you happen to have one in the new UDMF(I think it's shortened to that at least.) Format?
  9. renagade

    Out of curiosity...

    ... Does anyone happen to have a Heretic-GZDoom Configuration for Doom-Builder 2?
  10. renagade

    Another request for an old Pwad.

    Why thank you, the first thing I had DooM related was a Demo-CD with the Shareware version of the first game and addon's. So you were right.
  11. There's another Episode 1 map set that I'm looking for: The Pwad in question replaces ALL of the episode (I think the whole episode at least) The Pwad takes place inside a space-ship that's called the "inquisitor" The episode starts in a room with Cryogenic Chamber-like room and ends with you fighting off barons inside a reactor like room. Does anyone happen to remember or possess this Wad?
  12. renagade

    Demon Eclipse New Beta

    I wonder if said drama will be lul-worthy.
  13. I used to have a Demo CD of DooM 1 that also had a whole bunch of various Wads, sounds, addons, etc. And from this CD were two or so wads that I really enjoyed, and since I lost my Demo CD about a year or so ago. My question at this time? I was wondering if anyone has or know where I can find the following wads. "Yakworld.wad" "DMINATOR.WAD" (Yeah I know it's a rip off of Episode one with added monsters, but it was fun when I played it during my early teenhood.. thing.) If you know where I could find them, please send a link or something..
  14. renagade

    [.WIP.] Some random Void map.

    I didn't say it was okay, I Just said where I got it from. , I awaiting on a Pub from Spork to see if it is alright. :/
  15. renagade

    [.WIP.] Some random Void map.

    It is? Heh, I didn't notice the similiarities between the two. I think I've seen it in one of the Offical TnT episodes. o_o I don't quite remember which one.