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  1. Doomer490

    Vote on teh bestest Ramen flavor!

    I dont care as long as its not beef or oriental.
  2. Doomer490

    doom sprite fight screen saver

    I need Help finding the doom sprite fight screen saver.
  3. Doomer490

    Doom Comic - A Dramatic Rendition

    The Guy Is Just Insane.
  4. Doomer490

    post any cheats you know

    you can post your cheats here also include the site where you got them from thanks.
  5. Doomer490

    Best Movie 2005

    Doom Was a okay movie but it could have done a little better.
  6. Doomer490

    First Encounter with a boss monster

    I actully thought the bruiser bros were pretty frustrating as well. i rember the to roars i had to duck and dodge and finnaly killed them.
  7. Doomer490

    what are your thoughts about doom 3

    tell me what you think of the new doom. i have never played so you guys tell me what it is like.
  8. Doomer490

    Why Doom, of all games?

    the reason why i picked doom because it was a sci fi game i like those kind of game.
  9. Doomer490

    Why Did You Choose Your Avatar?

    i think mine suits me the best.
  10. Doomer490

    Best Movie 2005

    i dont know it would probably be sin city.
  11. Doomer490

    Aeon Flux

    I am glad we ran out of movie ideas that we have to bring in a third rate cartoon. Whats next making a live action movie for the smurfs.
  12. just talk about your first encounter with a boss My first boss encounter was when i was playing the shores of hell e2m8 when i ran into the cyberdemon i was so scared i remember shitting my pants as i ran i tried to run around a corner when i got fragged.
  13. Doomer490

    Most embarrassing way to die/get hurt

    Going A little to happy with rockets grr
  14. Doomer490

    If you could be any of the enemies from doom...

    I would be a cross between a cyber and a baron o hell.
  15. Doomer490

    Most Memorable Doom Experience

    when i was five and my uncle cody showed doom i was so scared but as i matured i got a hold of a copy and played and instantly became addicted.I just recently picked up a copy of the collecters edition doom.good times i had with that game.