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  1. jan__64

    Yadex Help

    For creating levels on Linux, you also might have a look at the XWE editor. It is for Windows but it runs fine with Wine on Linux.
  2. jan__64

    Problem in Eternal Doom Lvl 25

    Thanks, I will try that. Indeed, I am playing using prboom so this sounds reasonable.
  3. Hi I am stuck in Eternal Doom III at level 25 right at the beginning: I stand on the desk, the hidden area opens, I kill the demons and hit the switch. However, the stairs do not raise high enough for me to enter the next section! I can also access the secret with the SSG and shoot the TV screen but that doesn't change anything. I had a look at the recorded demos and there the stairs were raised high enough. Very strange, any ideas? thx j.
  4. jan__64

    This is me playing Doom's music on guitar !

    Hey, all wannabees like me can now play E1M1 themselves. Check out Frets on Fire. Follow the link to the Keyboards on Fire site, there is E1M1 for download. Have fun
  5. jan__64

    whats your favorite doom editor?

    All yadex here because it is the only Linux mapping tool I know of.
  6. jan__64

    How do you play a megawad?

    Hi I'm new here, I played Doom on and off in the last 12 years. Currently I started again playing some megawads. I completed Icarus of Team TNT recently and I am currently playing Eternal Doom III now. I for myself go through a megawad, saving and dying a lot. And I always try to find all secrets and get all kills. But this can be very time consuming so I have rather slow progress. But I only use cheats when I have the feeling the level is unfair (e.g. 3 Cybers protect the exit etc.). So, I was wondering how you play a new/unknown megawad (of decent quality). Do you just run through all levels? Do you want to find all secrets and have all kills? Do you save often/never? Do you start levels with a pistol always? Do you use cheats? Cheers jan__64